Monday, 29 September 2008

Challenge packs!!

Hi there,
Well the birds are singing and the sun is shining what more could we want?? Rain would be helpful! But if its not going to rain then at least let the sun shine!
Vicki and I enjoyed scrapping together on Friday night and no one turned up on Sunday for the O.T.P. class, which was just as well as I had an extremely sore throat and didn't even go to church. Maybe I will need to rethink the Sunday afternoon classes and just offer them on our non lesson Friday nights instead, which of course suits me better!
Now I can give you a hint about the challenge packs: They will be posted at the start of the month (not telling you which day!!) at around lunchtime. The theme this month will of course be "Pink Ribbon Day." I am asking for a small donation for the packs which will be forwarded on to the foundation.
Rosemary has come up with a great idea as well which we will discuss with her soon. I think its worth running but it will need support from all of us to make it successful!!
Happy creative scrapping girls


Anonymous said...

love the look of that challenge pack Kath. I was thinking of just a donation to research so that you wouldn't be out of pocket and some of us bring a little something to share for supper. I do think it is a worthy cause though. We need to register too. Hope you are feeling better my friend, Rosemary.

Heddie said...

Absolutley beautiful pack, I agree with Rosemary lets make it fun and try to cover some of your costs as well as raise some money for cancer research.
Count me in and I will bring a friend - (just in case we need to book our spot on the table!!!)