Tuesday, 11 November 2008

How about.......a sweetner for this end of the week?

The winner is........................................Jess.............Angela drew the name out of a bowl!! The comments were fantastic, thanks girls!!


Heddie said...

Dear Kathie,
Firstly, walking into the Doctors surgery where Hayley works and picking up your card was fate. Meeting you, your wonderful family and all the scrappingbooking girls has brightened my world. Learning how to scrap has been rewarding, relaxing and a whole lot of fun. Gaining your friendship is something I truly value.
Heather xx

Anonymous said...

Good morning all. Let me see, my children come first of course.I didn't realise how much having Tyler would change my life. He has made me become a more patient, tolerant and understanding person. My beautiful furry family is next, even with their age and special needs. And I would not be who or where I am today with out the love and support of my friends, old ones and new who are able to see things differently to me and open my eyes to different opinions and possibilities. Rosemary.

Anonymous said...

Hi All
I think the most important thing in life is to enjoy everyday as it comes. You never know what is around the corner. When times are hard remember there is always someone worst off than you, positive thinking works a treat.
Take care all
Best Wishes
PS remember to keep on smiling!!xx

kazza26_2008 said...

Dear Kathie,
Thank you for inviting me to join your scrapbooking lessoin's ,all the ladies i met while being with you are truely wonderful I'm happier ,scrapping is lot's of fun I will cherrish your friendship always kazza

Kellie said...

Hi there Kathie,
I didn't answer right away because I usually have to have the time to think about these things. After what I have been through in my life and my experinces is that you have to never go to bed angry with the ones you love, never walk away from the ones you love angry, never leave for work angry with the ones you love. You just never know what life has planned for you and being angry for more than needed is a waste of time that could be spent happy and enjoying the life you have been given.
Take Care and have a great weekend girls, Kel xx