Wednesday, 19 November 2008

maybe a little paper pack for someone???

Hi there,
How are you all doing? I have had my girls home this week as we seem to have been visited by the gastro bug.......not nice......Thank you to all the lovely ladies who enquired as to my health recently, I am slowly getting better but its taking time. Look on the bright all know where I am at the moment!!! Lets have a little give away to brighten up your day and celebrate good health!!
What to do: Leave me a comment and I shall select a winner. It will be worth your while entering for this one girls................


Heddie said...

Hello Kathie,
It was lovely to go to sleep last night with the sound of rain on the roof. One of the ladies said to me this morning that she had almost forgotten what it sounded like. Gordon emptied the rain gauge this morning so I dont know how much we had. How did every one else fair?
Hope you are feeling better Kathie.
Love Heather

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie,
Sorry to hear that you have not been well.
We too are celebrating good health at our place at the moment. After being sick for 3 long weeks Ava is finally on the road to recovery. Funny how it takes an illness to make us appreciate the little things and realise that feeling well is the best feeling in the world.
See you Friday night! Luv Kate

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathie,
Im sorry to hear that the girls are not well,once again isn't this rain just wonderful!Your photo's of the wedding are just lovely everyone looked beautiful.
missed you today at Gilburn
Hope your all feeling better soon
luv linda

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Deanna has it too! Vomitting last night but ok today. Back to school tomorrow though. e need more rain to wash away the bugs so our children can get well and stay that way. You too of course. Hope those fingers are heling. Roger caught a possum in the cupboard above our oven last night. It will be released at Puckapunyal this afternoon. Looking forward to Friday. See you then petal. Rosemary.

Elisha said...

Hi Kathie,
Your webpage is great. Thanks for putting our wedding photos on your webpage. And thanks for all your help Before and on the wedding day.
Love Your new dauhter in law Elisha xoxo

Tanya said...

Hey Kathie,
Hope you are feeling better very soon! Thinking of you, Tanya xx