Saturday, 3 January 2009

Its time for Challenge Packs!!!

Hi Girls,

Its time for Challenge Packs again!! I decided to post them on the weekend, so that everyone gets a chance to get a pack.

Since the boss (:-)) is away (or going away!!) the rules are: THERE ARE NO RULES!! Show us how creative and imaginative you can be with the beautiful papers, flowers, ribbons and brads included in this months challenge pack!! All I ask is that you please try to use as much of the wonderful product provided in the pack as possible.

So all you have to do to claim your pack is be one of the first five to answer the following question:

What Scrapbooking tool could you not live without and why??

Good luck ladies...Get in quick there are only five packs available!
(out of town ladies please email your postal address details to


vicmbee said...

I could not live witout me paper trimmer.... why because its used for trimming photo's and paper etc. It's a pink cutterpede only got it late last year after struggling with blunt blades on cheap old I hate to use any other one...

Shelley said...
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Shelley said...

Hi there Hayley and Kathie,
I cannot live without my sanding tools. I love distressing stuff at the moment. Cannot wait to try the new one that Kaiser is releasing I think in Feb. At the moment I use Basic Grey.

lexie said...

I can't live without my Fiskars scissors love them to bits as they have a super fine tip fab for cutting all those little fiddly bits

DebbieIC said...

My favourite tool of all - my fine tipped (ex nail) scissors!! I use them for practically every item that I make. I have to retrieve them back from the family all the time as they DO NOT APPRECIATE THEM the way that I do!!

Shell said...

Oh mine would have to be my tweezers. I have fat fingers and would'nt have a hope in hell using thise pesky little rhinestones and pearls without them!

Anonymous said...

I would have to say my can't get me off tape is 1 thing I can't do wihout and that would be because you can't get it off. I have found a way of removing it without ruining the entire LO if I do change my mind, which I do on a reguar basis. LOL.

Marelle said...

My fave product is Heidi Swapp's distressing tool pink of course!
Hope you two had a great New Year

Marelle said...

My fave product is Heidi Swapp's distressing tool pink of course!
Hope you two had a great New Year

Kylie said...

Picking just one thing I can't live without is almost impossible but I think the thing I use the most is a humble emery board. I think I almost use it for one thing or another on every LO I do. I use it to distress all sorts of things and because its narrow and pliable I can sand inside shapes and alphas. I've been known to use it to apply rub-ons and also as a mini ruler if the need be. The best bit is that they are cheao to by and you can get them in bulk

Anonymous said...

hello kathie
my mum's stash good paper's , equiptment which makes these scrapbooking tool's and thing's I can't do without from kazza

Heddie said...

Hi Kathie & Hayley
I couldn't live without my cutter, I am hopeless at cutting straight lines.

Antonella Ryan said...

Kathie I just wanted to say a big thank you! Your comments and kind words mean the world to me and inspire me! Your truely a wonderful person and I hope to get to talk more with you!

Take Care


G3 said...

OMG I am late. Better late than never.Better luck next time.
But my favorite tool is my Scissors. I can cut, distress and decorate the edges and its cheap.

Lovely blog Kathie.