Tuesday, 3 February 2009

a challenge!

The lovely Ant has passed this challenge on to me!
So here it is, go into your photo files, go to the 4th file and find the 4th photo and show it to everyone...
I was a bit worried about what exactly that photo would be, but here is the photo in question!!Its one of my beautiful little girls and a dog that we all loved and had to put down due to age and ill health. We all had a few tears over Kelly, we still miss her heaps too!
here are the 5 ladies that I nominate for this challenge!
Okay lovely ladies here is all you need to do:
Go to the 4th file or folder in your photos and open it up. Go to the 4th photo and post it with this information and 5 new blogging friends!!
Have fun


chrisw said...

Aww shucks Kathie..I've already done the 6th one for Mandy..You better give me a different folderand number pic..I have lots darl!

Tanya said...

hehe, I will do this although I'm a bit worried what the 4th photo will be LOL!!