Friday, 6 February 2009


Here is the incrediably talanted Hayley!! it is girls!! Hayley's special book for our first lesson of 2009 on Friday 13th February! You will be able to order this book off the blog, if you like it. Hayley's special book has a mountian of product and lots left over!! There is heaps & heaps of product left over when you have finished the book and the set of cards that go with it!!! Then there is the cutest little box that the book comes in & it becomes your storage box for the cards we make from some of the leftovers. ENJOY!!
Get ready get set.............................
***CHALLENGE PACKS-Will be posted next week sometime. If you want one, you will need to get on the blog each morning to see if they have been posted! They are limited, I have exactly 7 packs to give away this month!
***SPECIAL GIVEAWAY NEXT WEEK-Keep watching girls!
Hayley & Kathie


Heddie said...

Hello Kathie
Lovely photo of Hayley,not sure if I can make the class but I would like you to keep me one of those packs please.

jacque4u2c said...

I love mini-books! This is such a great idea!

lexie said...

loverly to see you back after your holiday it sounds like it was loads of fun how lucky were you to meet the beautiful Chris thanks for the post card Have a fab day and try and stay cool its going to be a stinker

CreativeMe68 said...

Hi Kathie,

How do I get one of those lovely kits....please tell me what I have to do! I love it! Luv Shaz xoxo

Tanya said...

so this is the famous Hayley that I have heard so much about (hi Hayley *waving*).....your book looks awesome x