Thursday, 12 February 2009

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Marysville Kinglake
(All credit given to the photographers who took these photos, they are not mine or my work. As they were emailed to me, I considered them fine to blog.)
Hi all,
I am happy to pass on that while there are active Alerts for certain towns, mostly the fire danger has dropped and apparently most towns are now considered safer than they were. Praise God! Thanks to all of you for praying. We will keep you updated as news comes to hand.


CreativeMe68 said...

Such good news for all Victorians, glad the fire danger is abating a lil. We are all thinking of you. Luv Shaz xoxo

The Tucker's and Wolek's said...

Kathie....thanks sooooooooooooo MUCH for the email and the photos on here!!! This is TRULY breaking my heart for EVERYONE affected!!!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone over there!!!! {{{HUGS}}}

Anonymous said...

The fires have affected everyone in Victoria. The 6 degrees of separation comes into play a lot in a situation like this. People's out pouring of good wishes and generosity show what a fabulous country we live in in times of need. Drought, high unemployment, tight finances and yet over 50 million has been found. I feel impelled to scrapbook some of the images we are seeing, most likely it will be the act of kindness shown to Sam, the thirsty koala. There has been some "divine intervention" regarding the fires so maybe all those prayers are working. Keep it up. Rosemary.

jacque4u2c said...

Whew! I am glad things are subsiding. You have been in our thoughts and prayers.