Monday, 30 March 2009

Funny stories & not so fair stories!! With a freebie for you!!

Hi all,
Funny funny story for you all: Guess who had to wake her husband up at 2.00 am this morning to fix a washer in a tap outside??? Clueless?? Read on-Gillian told daddy (clue 1) that the tap outside couldn't be turned off!!! This was in the afternoon at about 3.30pm! (clue 2) Daddy was half asleep and said to Gillian (clue 3) I will fix it later!!! Stop laughing I can hear you from here!! Needless to say, tap got forgotten about!!! What was I doing up at 2.00 am?? NOT telling!!! :-) I had to go and get the uniforms off the line that I had forgotten earlier and I could hear the tap running-you guessed it!!! He hadn't gone and fixed the washer earlier!!! Now I was laughing as I got him up and we played hold the torch while I fix the tap please!!!! Yes I did have a laugh at him-gotta admit is pretty funny!!!
Now tell me your true funny story and it will earn you the same paper stack pictured on the blog from last week!! (recycled paper stack)

Now the bad news. The home (pictured above) we looked into buying can't go ahead. We can buy it, we just can't turn it into our families home! We have exhausted every avenue available to us. Extremely disappointing and not the outcome we had been praying for! I am sure that eventually we will find the house of our dreams at a beer price for our champagne taste buds!!!! Sometimes there doesn't seem to be any justice, but I will continue to look up not down! Thanks to all those who supported us.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

OMYGOSH!!! That is A FUNNY STORY!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):) Ok....I do HAVE a funny story....but it is QUITE if U have a MOMENT....please read about it here....I just posted this today on my blog ironically!!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

And sorry about the HOUSE...that's a BUMMER!!!!!!!! I always have a saying......."I have champagne taste on a DIET COKE income!!!" LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Heddie said...

Hi Kathie,
So sorry the house didn't pan out, I am sure that something better will come to light.
I will have to have a think about the story so will add to the blog later.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ok girlie.....U asked for is my STORY!!!!! LOL! :):):):):):)

A longggggggggggggggg time ago.....Dani (MY best friend) and I went to Laughlin, Nevada for a weekend girls trip!!!! (Laughlin is a small gambling town right over the Arizona border!)....and there is a river that separates Arizona and Nevada right on the border....and if U drive to the Arizona side, you can get some really COOL PHOTOS of the hotels/casinos in Laughlin.....sooooooooooooo the first night we are there....Dani and I decide to drive over to the Arizona side to get some photos!!!!! (Now mind is like 2 o'clock in the morning...and YES, we are SOBER!!! LOL) and we drive into this parking lot.....and I start taking photos....and all of a sudden a RACCOON comes up to her truck!!!! (*insert Arizonian warning here....DANI and I LIVE in the DESERT....we DO NOT, repeat....DO NOT live near ANY WILDLIFE!!!!*) Dani and I think HE IS ADORABLE.....however COMMA....we are FREAKED out....cuz we don't know if he can JUMP into our truck!!!! LOL LOL LOL....sooooooooooo we call her boyfriend and ask him (well....because he lives in New Jersey....and HE MUST know about WILDLIFE, right???? LOL)....and HE has NO IDEA either if they can JUMP!!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!! At this point....I am DYING for a picture of this ADORABLE creature....and DANI has some CHEETOS in her, she opens the WINDOW just a crack and throws one out to him....and I climb in the backseat of the truck and start snapping the this POINT...we are BOTH ROLLING with LAUGHTER....people probably think we have been drinking!!!!!! Sooooooo....the RACCOON takes OFF!!!!! And we were like, "Well, even if these photos turn out pitch black...we will ALWAYS know that it was CHESTER!"......see, we named him CHESTER because of the CHEETOS....because their mascot has always BEEN "CHESTER THE CHEETAH!!!" LOL LOL is the END of the STORY...I promise....and IF U READ all of this....I WILL LOVE U FOREVER!!!!! LOL!:):):):):) CHESTER COMES BACK with some of his FRIENDS!!!!! LOL LOL her truck is SURROUNDED by 15 RACCOONS and we ONLY have 1/2 a bag left of CHEETOS!!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!!! We will NEVER FORGET that story!!! :):):):):):):):):)

Sharynne said...

OK Funny goes my version!!

Back in the days of my family camping holiday trips, when i was only of about 5 years old, one particular trip sticks in my mind. We were off with our very good friends and neighbours at the time for a week to the dargo high plains. A very eventfull week we had too.
On the way, our neighbours son decided he needed a drink and without asking anyone in the car, reached over the back of the van,grabbed for the cordial bottle and away he drunk. Only to find out a little way down the road that his mother being tight moneyed had filled an empty cordial with the dishwashing detergent from a bottle at home and packed it. this is what he had drunk. He blew bubbles for was so funny.
After hours of driving, we reached our destination...only to have my father run over my mothers foot whilst setting up the campsite. Not only did he do this once but he drove over it the first time, he stopped the car whilst still on top of her foot, while mum was yelling at him to get off. Instead of driving an inch furthur forward to get off her foot, he decided to put the car into reverse and back back over her foot to get off. So mum spent the rest of the week with her foot in the air only to find out when we got home he had broken it. No wonder she was in pain all week.
Whilst there we ran out of supplies, so all piled into cars to head for the nearest town for more food. Whilst crossing the biggest, longest wooden bridge of all times (i dont do wooden bridges...LOL)we came across a boat doing circle upon circle upon circle in the lake. It's passengers had fallen out and it was going round, and round, and round, and there was nothing anyone could do till it ran out of petrol. I forgot to mention the part about the boats driver who would try to swim back out to the boat every so often, only to find the boat heading straight towards him, so him turning round and swimming for his life to safety.So after our trip into town and back to camp, we set to bed for the night.
When morning rose, breakfast came and went and it was time to get dressed. Our neighbour lifted the lid of her suitcase only to find the wildlife had made a home the night before and was quite comfortable and set for a very long stay. On top nestled amongst her clothes was a family of blue tongues. I can still hear her screams of terror as she lifted that lid.So with this only being roughly day 3 of our week away, everyone (well the grown-ups)decided they had had enough and wanted to head home. Us kids were having a ball....with all the excitement that had been happening. But back then, we did as we were told, packed up camp and headed home.
What an eventful family holiday it turned out to be. One to be remembered and honestly i cant recall any other holidays after that one. Maybe it scared my family off holidays for life!!
Well i hope you all got as much out it as me...I know i will forget that story!!

vicmbee said...

LOL!!!too funny the other stories. Mine is only short and sweet just my DH and the ATM machine, (I usually do that sorta stuff) he wanted $40 so he just thought he'd push the auto $20 twice.... LOL! he ended up doing it 2 times. told him but next time he went to do the same thing......he may understand one day...

chrisw said...

Oh Dear..hi time he'll listen!Hi Gilly and Angela..where is my letter!!!

chrisw said...

Oh forgot to add..Maybe you are meant to be in WA????

cinner said...

So sorry Kthie that you did not get your house. Your dream house will come. Chin up, cinner

Anonymous said...

I had been asking Roger to put up Tyler's Winnie the Pooh and on his teddy chain for weeks and of course it never happened. We have very high ceilings and a light globe needed to be changed and after it was the ladder was left in the house. So, having gotten tired of asking I thought I would hang up Winnie by myself.Got the ladder, into Tylers room , Pooh bear in hand and I start to climb! Booofaaa. Ladder was not locked in place and down it came, onto my nose! Instant headache, couldn't cry as I would need to blow my nose, ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I rang my dear husband to come home and he put me on hold!!!!!!!!. Got to the doc's with a bag of peas on my nose, much sniggering going on, and an x-ray showed I had split the bone in the middle of my nose and crushed the side bone. So, I had a nose job but it was a fixer upperer not a remake. And you know what, I still have to wait weeks for things to be done around the house even after breaking my nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Good news is it doesn;t ache when it is going to rain. Ha. LOL.
I love racoon's, animals are great, he could have scoffed the lot but he went back to share with his family and friends. Beautiful. Rosemary.

Tanya said...

That is such a funny story Kathie! I can just see it now - but omg 2am???? I'm sorry to hear you didn't get your house - I'm sure your dream home is just around the corner!! As for my funny story, well I have lots of them, it's deciding which one to tell. And I don't know if there is enough space here! Let me have a think and get back to you ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie,
I have cramps in my fingers and toes from crossing them for you! It was obviously not meant to be. Don't give up hope just yet, you never know what's around the corner!
Luv Kate

Anonymous said...

Hi Kath. My funny story is about how everytime you come here to visit and Amber is in bed she always won't go to sleep until she sees you!!!!
Nanny is her fav!
Love your favorite daughter in law

jacque4u2c said...

I have some stories but after reading yours and Julies they just don't seem so funny - I am still rolling over those!

I guess my funny story would be when my daughter was 6 and it was April 1st. Well she was in the bathtub taking her usual soak and play. By the way did I mention it was pouring rain outside???? Ok - well anyway she screams for me and my husband to come in the bathroom that there is something all over the ceiling! Well we go in there and there is droplets of water all along the side of the ceiling near the outside of the house. My husband comments - oh great! We have a leak - just what we need! Then I step in closer because I am thinking to myself that my craft room is above the bathroom - I get a glance at my daughter in the tub and she is holding back a giggle - as she sees me look at her she blurts April Fools and holds up her squirt gun that she had been holding under the water! The little stinker! Giving us a heart attack - thinking we had a BIG EXPENSE ahead of us. We still laugh about it tho - I mean she was six and came up with this! KIDS!!!

So, sorry about the house - but just remember when one door window closes another door opens!!!!

Oh by the way did I mention - I LOVE CANDY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

DD#1 has a book given to her by her Nan called 'what colour knickers do you wear' - yes go figure but it is about what 'underwear' different animals wear - well you get the idea. DD#1 comes into the bathroom one particular morning and asks me 'Mummy what colour knickers are you wearing?' I reply 'pink' DD#1 then asks 'What pink?' 'Hot pink' I say. Satisfied with my answer she disappears. Later that morning we are in the cafe after grocery shopping and as the waitor is placing our order on the table, DD#1 pipes up and says to the man ' Guess What!!' Man replies 'what?' DD#1 exclaims in high pitched voice 'My Mummy is wearing knickers and they're hot!' Poor chap didn't know where to look and poor mummy (aka Moi) went a colour that nearly matched the knickers


Anonymous said...

Meant to also say how sorry I was to hear that you missed out on the house. I know how much you wanted this to all work out. Things have a funny way of coming about and I am sure that there will be something that will come along that will perfect when you least expect it

Hope you are also feeling better in yourself

Take care

Julie Tucker-Wolek said... won't let me leave a comment on your latest, I'm doing it here!!!! LOL!!!! I see MY STORY in PRINT!!! YAY! :):):):):):):):):):):)