Sunday, 29 March 2009

Happy Sunday Morning to you all!!!

Hi Ladies,
Today is such a beautiful day, the sun is shining and skies are clear (could do with rain though) and yes the birds are singing!! I have been busy in the garden watering this morning, its very dry.
Now I just thought that I would post a little "something" freebie (surprise pack this time!!) here for you lovely ladies to win!! Can you tell me in a short verse:
What are you having for tea on Sunday night?
We always have a roast for tea, normally we have lamb but tonight its going to be a chicken roast dinner instead!! We have always had a family tea on a Sunday night its just one of those things that makes our week complete!!


Alishia said...

Happy Sunday Morning to you too!
Not sure what were having for dinner 2night, lately by the time it comes to cook i just cook what ever is easiest, Specialy the last week with being sick!

Enjoy your roast 2night sounds yum!

vicmbee said...

Its a beautiful sunday here too, tonight I am cooking a roast lamb my last proper meal as starting a meal replacement diet tommorrow.... sure hope it works 14kg is my goal...

Sam Marshall said...

Happy Sunday to you, too! We're having roast-pork!

Heddie said...

No roast for dinner
Until winter you see
I have to light the fire
For the oven he! he!

So dinner tonight
will be Chicken Delight
Served with my own special rice
then for afters'
Ice-cream would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Mum's got the jump on my answer today
I'll have what she cooks any old day!
So for dinner tonight it's Chicken Delight
Desert will be Peaches fresh from the tree
They'll be ok for my diet you see.

Love Kazza

Anonymous said...

She pips me at the post now she turns into a poet. What is a poor poor simple girl to do. Im sick of pizza and very tired after my cocktail bra and knickers show so what ever it is will be something easy.
there was movement at the station, for the word had passed around, that the bra's and knickers were easily found. Some on the pool table, some on the bed, some on the hostess and some on a head. The cocktails were made with panache and flair, and were downed far too easily for me to care. But 1 single little bra I did buy, and a few more I liked, but had to let lie. So for dinner tonight, I can't know, till I've had my cuppa and watched a show.

Heddie said...

Way to go Rosemary - I Love you ditty. Enjoy your cuppa 'cause tea can always wait.

Anonymous said...

You girls are just way too clever!! Does a Fish Finger Sandwich cut it?? lol.

Anonymous said...

Bangers and Mash as there isn't much cash!


Kathie said...

You girls just made my day,
as too sick I've been to play!!
You joke you laugh,
to clever you have been for me by half!!!
Each of you a prize shall get
for being so clever I'll bet!!

So Heddie, Kazza, Rosemary & Trudi a little gift is coming your way. The main prize will be drawn probably tomorrow night!!
Made me feel better even if I'm not!! Thank you all!!
Kathie :)

Heddie said...

Arhh thanks Kathie
You made my day
All I've done
Is play play play!!!!
Tanks again

Anonymous said...

The dinner I did cook,
Tasted better than it did look.
With garlic and cream,
my innards did scream,
but me thinks,
it was more
the hair of the dog,
that made my mind,
all agog.
My dear Kath, not glad to hear you are not well. Who you been kissing to get a bug? Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Love you lots, Rosemary.

cinner said...

Kathie, just popping in to say hi, sorry you have not been feeling well. I had an 8 hour bug, so lucky. hope you are feeling better soon. think of you often. take care, dinner

Sharynne said...

Well to me,
those who have posted,
Are far too clever.
My dinner last night seemed nice way back then,
Till i came on here and read eveyone's posts,
Lasagne, salad with garlic bread on the side, seems nothing to roasts and chicken delight.
So heres to you girls,
with the creative side,
Keep up the good work,
i keep looking for next weeks poetry.