Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Hello lovely ladies!!
Okay who is up for a little prize this week? All of you??? Fantastic! Here is what is on offer then:
One pack of BG chipboard elements and a beautiful {noteworthy} 8 x 8" album!
Question: In 100 words or less
Tell us how you started to scrapbook!
Here is my story:
I have a friend who tried everything to get me into craft and failed until. For her 30th birthday she asked if she and her mum could come round and scrapbook for the day with me......Well I have never looked back, I was totally hooked. I never had a hobby before scrapbooking took over my life {not really} :-) Its something that I enjoy and can leave for my kids to look at and for their kids too!! Its a fantastic social outlet as well a really great way to meet new friends!!
We will judge the best story of the week and send you your prize!
Look forward to reading all about it!!


Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Oh I would love to share my story.I will post it to my blog tomorrow.Thanks for your generosity darl!

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

anyway i decided to answer it directly here,I started scrapbooking last year in my search of a perfect yet inexpensive gift for hubby.i surf the net and saw all the beautiful albums of a scrapbooker in the philippines. I saw other inspiring sites and got hooked.I joined different forums since then!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm my story ALMOST started 20 years ago! :):):) U see, I was "attacked" at 17 and gave birth to a son at 18 as a result of that attack.....well, I knew at my age and education level, I wouldn't be able to keep him and give him a life he deserved. So, I gave him up for adoption. It was an open adoption, and every year, his Mom has sent me photos....well, since I don't get to "see" him but have photos, I started to scrap book to document his life that was shared with me.........that is how I started scrapping! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

I think the above comment should win. To turn a less than positive event into an expression for a lifetime is amazing. My friend JT came for a visit, she has been scrapbooking for years. Showed me some layouts she had done and her visit tied in with the Paper, Pleasure Plus sale. We went, then went to every other possible place for goodies, came home and did my first ever double page layout on my daughter. That must be 5 or 6 years ago. By her next visit I had more equipment and stock than she has.

Shelley said...

Hey Kathie,
My story is pretty boring. Creative Memories party started me off. Won't go into it because Julie has GOT TO WIN!!!!!! What a strong and inspirational lady.
Love to all

vicmbee said...

well after my 2 sisters had already started my mum bought me an album and a couple of kits for my birthday that was back in 2004 so have done it since a bit on and off for the first year....but really hooked now.....

lisak said...

I started like many others with a Creative memories party and then stopped with the arriival of my third son. Catapulted back into scrapping world when i accidentally won a massive pack of scrap goodies on ebay - I was actually trying to win a PS2 game for the kids!! Havent looked back since - love everything about it - shopping, creating, friends and blogging!!!

Anonymous said...

I worked with a lady that owns a scrapping shop in Bacchus Marsh. She would often bring in little treasures that I would buy. I dabbled at home before doing some classes at her shop. Then when I met Hayley she introduced me to Kathie's scrapping classes. I now have many overflowing albums. I always look forward to winding down the working week with a class.
Luv Kate.

Debbie said...

WooHoo!! Great Prize. I actually started to scrap when I was very sick and was house bound. I needed a hobby to keep me sane. A friend had shown me her scrapping and I thought I would enjoy it and it would also help with the healing process. Well.... six years later and I am HOOKED still. It's my time to enjoy and its soooo therapeutic. :)

Sharynne said...

Hey kathie,
My story like many others is not very interesting, but here goes. I was asked to put my backside on a seat at a Crafty Kids party about 9years ago. I looked at all the wonderful products (well i thought they were at the time)and what you could do. I decided to book my own party as i was on a limited budget i decided the idea of getting my product for FREE sounded great. I had my party and after hosting my 3rd demonstration i was totally hooked. I joined as a consultant almost 6 years ago now and have never looked back. Since Crafty Kids changed names to Kaszazz back in November 2007, my business is rocking. I have a team of 30 plus consultants and more joining every day. Looking forward to a bright and happy future in scrapping my memories for the world to remember when im gone.

Shazza said...

Hi Kathie,
In January 2008, work collegues nagged me to join their newly formed scrap booking group which I declined many times. I was already involved in painting and sewing classes. I finally joined, we called ourselves the "Bunnuts" short for Bunnings nutty scrappers. After a few months I was putting out a little newsletter, organising challenges and scrapping themes. Who knew I would become so addicted!
The best thing about scrap booking is you get to be inspired by so many talented ladies who all have the same passion. I love my addiction :)


Heddie said...

For many years I had been wanting to learn how to scrap but never quite got around to it. I collected all sorts of bits and pieces (which I now know as embellishments) LOL. In May 08 my brother needed to see a doctor in Seymour and on the desk was Scraphappy Kats card. I asked for more information and was told that Hayley was away but I could take the card. I did and the rest is history..
I found a relxing pastime but most importantly new friends.(& extended family)

Marelle said...

I agree Shelley JUlie deserves the prize handsdown -
Hope you and Hayley agree Kathie

Anonymous said...

here goes for me my motherinlaw would always show me what she has learnt & it was beautiful.there is noone around euroa so i just admired hers,i also had small kids &no time for me.then one day kathie came to gilburn & i am hooked totally now also kids are much bigger and look after themselves
luv linda

Alishia said...

My Aunty Brought akit from Kmart then got me one for my Bday, not long after Mum Joined CM and As they say the rest is History!!!