Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Here is a little 48 sheet freebie for you ladies!!

Hello there beautiful girls!!!
We have a stunning paper stack for you today and guess what????? Its thick cardstock quality and its made from 70% recycled paper!!! How good is that?
Now I am all for saving this planet, why? Its the only planet with chocolate of course!!! :0
Ha ha got ya!!
Tell us why its great to be able to scrap with a recycled product AND what type of recycled things have you used on your stunning LO's?


cinner said...

Saving the planet because of chocolate....sounds like a great reason. I love all your lo's. One of these days I am gonna start scrapping because of your blog. take care and have a great day.

Sharynne said...

Save the Planet, or the never ending packet of tim tams will be gone forever!! And we dont want that now do we?? I have used many recycled things on LO's but the one that stnads out from the rest, is my Melbourne Zoo LO using my empty Kleenex Tissue Box. It had a lovely zoo theme in which i cut out and used to frame phots etc. Talk soon Sharynne

Michelle said...

I love the paper, it's gorgeous. I try to reuse acrylic, cardboard, foam, envelopes and anything that I can get off of a gift tag. :o) I think that recycling is a major necessity b/c our planet is being so littered with trash and our air quality keeps getting worse. Anyhoo, thanks for the chance to get this wonderful paper.

Shelley said...

Hi Kathie,
Wow what cute paper. When you said recycled I did not expect it to be so 'modern'. My favourite items to recycle are buttons and ribbons and sometimes pockets off old clothes. I do apologise if the op-shop occasionally gets stuff with no buttons!!!!!!
It' the thought that counts....

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Not only do I use recycle items....but everything that does go into my "trash" bin from scrapping goes into the recycle bin for the garbage men to pick up! I once did a LO for OLW...and the word that week was "THINK".....and I did the entire LO made about "THINKING" about the EARTH and what we all can do to help...and the entire LO was made from "trash"...I used cardboard from a package, and OLD dried out pen, a piece from my old chair that fell off....a lining from an old ball from DD....U name it....if it was TRASH...I used it....LOL LOL LOL....U can see it here: http://www.scrapinstyletv.com/portfolio/view_layout.php?layout_id=98887&user_id=7807 ...it didn't win OLW that time...and its not the prettiest LO I have ever made....but I'm PRETTY PROUD of my "trash" LO!!! LOL LOL LOL!! :):):):):):):):):):)

Kathie said...

Oh Julie, I had to go and check it out!!! Great job.... You are very clever, I doubt that to many of us would have thought of doing something like that!!! Great stories girls, I love reading all your comments, they are fantastic!!

lkamphuis said...

If the world could be saved by eating chocolate - I would be a superhero!!!! LMAO!! Strangets thing I have scrapped with would be flywire!!! It was new - my hubby was rewiring a door and I stole the scraps!!! Great for boys pages!! TRUE!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have been shopping where I have been recently Kathie (:wink:) This paper is totally delightful so whoever the lucky recipiant is, they will be in for a real treat.

Anonymous said...

mmm chocolate yumm. i love recycled paper in my layouts cos they give the lo a great look and its good for the planet.
Love Elisha

Tanya said...

What beautiful paper Kathie!! And recycled too! Even better! Anything to save this wonderful planet we call Earth! I have used lots of recycled things on my layouts - cardboard, ribbon, buttons, paperclips, flowers. Always makes me feel good when I recycle stuff for scrapping - like I'm doing my bit for the environment :)

Heddie said...

Hi Kathie, My most recent recycle effort is the foam packaging around the Gin bottle from my last trip to NZ. I have tried the foil from Milo tins and painted bottle tops wacked with the hammer, tags from the shops. Might like to say that they haven't turned out as well as Julie's beautiful work but I am always willing to try new things. Of course I depend on all my scrapping friends for support and inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie, I feel lousy to admit that I haven't really used any recyled products in my layouts to date. However I have kept every single piece of scrap paper, ribbon etc since I started, which may one day may lead to a recycled creation. The other comments have inspired me to think outside the box. Think we may need some kind of recycled challenge!
Luv Kate

Kathie said...

Now there is an idea indeed Kate!! But you have recycled, you have used buttons haven't you??

Anonymous said...

Let's try this again shall we?!!!!
I thought I was just being a bit "tight" when it came to scrapbooking items. I have bought zippers from the op shop, keep all my cut off's to use on different layouts and I keep the leather tag of new shoes, I used 1 as a name tag on a dog layout. And the plastic thingys that tie the item into the box to keep it secure, they work well too. Love my ribbons, ricrac and buttons. I have kept some of the new flooring for our bathroom and some of the old wallpaper to scrap "diary of a bathroom reno", when I can get to it of course. I learnt something new today, it's called recycling. Oh and the papers are nice and interesting too.

Anonymous said...

hello kathie,as u know i've not long started scrappin but i've kept all my leftover bits 'just in case',i always take buttons off clothes b4 i put in bag for the op-shop i can raid hubby's shed you never know what u'll find in there (cos he says dont throw that might need that one day,what a stash he's got)

and of course we cant go without our chocolate so we all do our bit for this wonderful planet
lov linda

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

It always feel good to use recycle things and use them again in a creative way. I love recycling and it just give you more outlet to be artsy and craftsy! I have used recycled sb packaging materials and old pages of books for my los.Thanks Kat for another giveaway!drooling!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathie
scrap using recycled paper is great for the enviroment ,off cut's from previous Lo's any off cut's and be recycled into different shapes and sizes depending what paper you have left and wow kathie lovery papers that you giving away could make great Lo's with them lol !!!! love kazza26 _2008