Sunday, 5 April 2009

Okay who is up for a Sunday freebie????? You Maybe?

Okay seeing as how both Angela and I are sick and bored as we couldn't go to church this morning!!!! :( I decided to have a little giveaway!!! YAY!!
What is your favourite embellishment? (just one!)
Now I can hardly wait for your answers. The prize pack is some very cool papers with some embellishments, ribbons, buttons, chippie shapes and maybe a couple of surprises!!
Overseas welcome to enter for this one as I will post over to you!!
The more comments received the bigger the prize pack!! But only 1 comment from each of you sweet girls!!


Marelle said...

Hi Girls
My fave embellishment at the moment are staples - yes, those things we all used at school in the office etc they are soooo versatile and very very affordable!
Hope you are feeling betterxxxxxx

Shelley said...

How can you expect a girl to pick just one!!!!!Ok..... my favourite thing to use at the moment is FOAM. Not sure it is an embellishment but I use it on every layout. I loooove dimension. If you don't call foam an embellishment then my answer is flowers....
(with foam underneath!!!!!!)
Hope you and Angela feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I love metal, corners, buckles, words, just lurve metal. Hope that is classed as 1. Ha. Rosemary. Hope you 2 lovely ladies are better very soon.

Anonymous said...

If I had to pick one... It would have to be chipboard letters - you can paint them, cover them, distress them - I think that a nice title just finishes a page off sometimes.
Hope you feel better soon....

Heddie said...

Hi Kathie,
Sorry to hear you and Angela are not feeling the best. Hope you can find a sunny spot out of the wind and soak up some rays.
My favourite embellishment at the moment would have to be BRADS you can paint them, use them to keep all sort of other bits'n' pieces together AND they come in all manner of shapes and sizes..

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathie
My Favarite imbelishment's are brad's, ribbon's, rub-on's just to name a few and there other's I like to use just very hard to name them all love kazza26_2008

vicmbee said...

hope you feel better soon...
My favourite embellishment would be flourishes..... not that I use on every page but look great when I do...

Anonymous said...

theres nothing like a good brad ( pitt and embelishment wise), im still setting up my suplies but have a feeling these will feature strongly

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Gee I remember posting my answer here this morning! Oh! heheh! My fave is flowers!!!They just put extraordinary effects on my los. Im crossing all my fingers here,in fact I ask DH to do the same thing!

Sharynne Greening said...

Sorry to hear you not feeling well, will have to come cheer you both up with some crafting.
My fav embellishment is my brand new Kaszazz rub ons. They are so versatile and can be used on my LO's or cards. Hope you both feel better soon. Look forward to catching up when you get back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Kathie,
Sorry to hear that you and Angela are unwell - sending big hugs and hope you are feeling much better really soon

There are so many embellishments that you know I love but my absolute favourite is 'bling'!! The shinier and sparkler the better LOL!! And as you know a girl can never have too much bling, bling

Hope today is a sunnier day health wise

Talk soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie,
Hope you guys are feeling better today (and you are off on your adventure down the coast). I love ribbons, I think they look great on any layout and there are so many choices available.
Luv Kate.