Friday, 17 April 2009

a freebie for one of you too!!!

Now for the freebie
Thanks to a couple of my friends on here, especially my bestest buddy (really???) You all know that I had a little accident with a front tooth!! I was holding Angela's giant lollypop (it looked so good), while traveling home on the train from Warrnambool, & decided to have a little bite, well you guessed it I have snapped a tooth above the gumline. So its a plate I will have to have for a little while until I can manage to get an implant, once everything has settled down & is looking okay!
So how do you win a $50.00 store voucher from scrapbookshelf I hear you asking us??
Top my story ladies!!!
(doesn't have to be a tooth story!)
The best story will be voted on by all of us & you will win a scrapbooking store voucher to the value of $50.00!
So hop to it girls!! The DT girls can enter this one too & overseas girls too!!
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Heddie said...

Sure you were just HOLDING it!!!! LOL :) :o xx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooooooooooooo sorry about the tooth!!!! MAJOR BUMMER!!!!!!!! is MY STORY!!!!!!! U break your tooth on a HARD LOLLIPOP....wellllllllllll....I broke ONE OF MY TEETH on a SOFT YUMMY Mozzarella CHEESE (YES....CHEESE....U know....soft and CHEWY???? LOL) STICK (I hope that is what U call them in Australia!! that's what we call them in the USA!! LOL).....soooooooooooooooooooo YES...I BROKE AN ENTIRE TOOTH RIGHT out of my MOUTH on a soft YUMMY Mozzarella cheese stick!!!! LOL LOL LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Marelle said...

well my story has nothing to do with teeth thank goodness

a very close friend and scrapping buddy and I travelled to Sydney for SIA recently. Our boss booked us into a motel that looked ok on the internet..
We arrived at 11pm - and was greeted by a lady who looked like Morticia from the Adams Family!~
The reception was locked and she was in a little office behind "Bars" and I dont mean the alcoholic type. She rationed out our newspaper and a small pkt of biscuits containing 2 very ordinary bicckies and our key and showed us where the stairs were.

After lugging our cases and scrapping stuff up 3 flights of stairs - my friend said it reminded her of the seedy motels you see in the American movies.
Well folks this was a 24hour motel iykwIm!!! We were to stay 2 nights.
Now Morticia white faced and wearing black was there from the time we "booked in" 11pm MOnday night to the time we "booked out" Wednesday morning at 7am!!!!

This was my friend's first time in Sydney and we were staying in a very seedy part!!!
THe story does continue and involves taxi drivers in the rain turning into one way streets, not wearing seatbelts and going around in circles!!

But I will end it there ladies
we are still laughing about our trip!!

Marelle said...

My Daughter Ella has sent this in
She saw my story about Sydney and wanted to include hers
Ella is now 7 but when she was 2 she found my very dark brown quick dry nail polish...
I walked into the kitchen and she smiled at me and said "Look Mummy at my litstik" She had painted her lips with my quickest drying nail polish!!!
I could not get it off it had dried so quickly - we had to go to a Family event the next morning and my motherinlaw did not see the funny side of it!
How long did it take to disappear you ask? 3 months........

Heddie said...

My daughter was doing her deb and the family came up to stay with us at Tweed Heads. The night before the deb we all went to an 18th birthday party (now that is another story).
However there were a lot of cakes left over and the hostess gave me a large box of cakes and slices seeing as though we had so many people staying.
In the morning as we reminised the night before, we had some of the cakes with our coffee. My mum was enjoying a large piece of caramel slice. The discussion was full of animation, and mum wanting to add to the conversation took the slice from her mouth only to reveal her top teeth were stuck in the caramel slice. We wer all crying with laughter and mum couldn't get the top teeth back into her mouth.
You wouldn't believe it my daughter had only just stopped filming the 'morning deb'session. We often say that this would have won the home video best ever and still laugh about it all the time.

ellen s. said...

oh these stories are too much. i guess my story would be when i was 5 years old, i was at a farm with my preschool and we were riding a donkey. well, the donkey "slipped" --if they do that-- and fell. i fell off and all the other kids fell on me and i broke my arm.

so now when people ask me if i ever broke a bone, i have to say, "yes, when i was 5 i fell off a donkey and broke my arm" HAHA!

hope your dealings with your teeth are not painful!

Danielle said...

Well mine kinda is a tooth story (kinda sorta, not really LOL) I'm a dental nurse and on Thursay I was taking some impressions for a patient of mine, He is a real bad gagger and just as I was about to remove it he threw up on me!!

I just tried to calm him down and kept saying "its ok, we'll clean it up etc" And the smell was was just horendous!! I dont even know how I managed not to spew myself.

Danielle said...

ooops, forgot to say thanks for visitung my blog too, hope you get your implant soon. I was just a grossed out with spew I think LOL

Anonymous said...

I am not about to share any embarrassing stories about myself but I am more than happy to tell stories about others , so here goes. When I was a kid my mum got into salt water fish in a big way. She would go to the beach at low tide, collect mosquito larvae for the fish to eat but it was also a great time to check the rock pools for new fish for the tanks. She had recently got new glasses, bi-focals and was still getting used to them. So, with a bucket in each hand, a full skirt with pleats, she steps in to what she thinks is a shallow rock pool. Turns out the pool was hip deep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her eyes were as big as dinner plates, the buckets were held up with the help of the water and her pleated skirt was floating very nicely around her waist like a fully bloomed flower, undulating with the waves she produced when she disturbed the stillness of the rockpool. The look on her face is something I will never forget, I was unable to help her for a while as I was laughing at her. She just stood there for ages, stunned. I think the search for new fish was at an end as she was soaked to the skin, from the waist down only. I have just shared this story with my kids and they think it is funny too. I still have a giggle when I think of it. Hope you got a laugh out of it too.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathie,
My vote is for heddies story had me in absolute stitchers very very funny story from kazza26_2008