Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Would you like a little shopping gift???

Okay Lovely Ladies!!!!
How about a $25.00 shopping voucher for the
scrap bookshelf???
(to visit just click on the name) Trudi has a whole heap of new products in her store and she has a sale on at the moment so hop on over and have a peek!!
Now I am over not being chosen for the Kaiser DT, reading some blogs, I think that maybe a lot of people expected something different than the way it was run. That is okay, I knew that the winners would be notified and the rest of us wouldn't be. To Kaisers credit I did get an e-mail thanking me for my application!! Thanks Kaiser team, that made my day!!! :-)
Okay ladies, tell me what you and your beautiful families have been up to this week!
Us, not much......calisthenics tonight, Angela is ill again but getting better, Pete is working flat out & me well I am trying to get housework done and some class lessons for scrapping you know how it goes................aaarrrhhh yes and Gillian is just being Gillian, sweet and lovely as usual!!!


Anonymous said...

It's been pretty quiet in our neck of the woods too. Tyler is having a coniption about getting the swine flu and actually has a runny nose to boost his fears. Deanna has a sore calf muscle and foot.I have been writing to a fab man who's son has cerebral palsy and is the ONLY man in the world to run marathons with his degree of CP. That man is an inspiration. We watched his story on Sunday and were amazed at his determination, tenacity and sense of humour. We are babysitting the beautiful Bailey again while his mum is away. Bailey is of course the golden retriever that lives at the back of us. Big work day for me tomorrow, HUGE. There are so many bugs going around seymour at the minute that you don't seem to get over 1 before you are struck down with another one. Hope Angela is all better soon, has to be before Saturday anyway. See you soon, Rosemary.

Heddie said...

Hello Kathie,
Well we have had an exciting start to the week, my daughter Kara, has booked her ticket to go to Aberdeen Scotland to see her brother David who has been away far too long. It is a fantastic effort on her part, all things considered(the task at hand now is to save spending money). We had the pleasure of looking after our 6 year old grandson for the weekend so lots of cubby's and play time. Wonderful really. So there you go hope the week improves on the health front at your place. See you Friday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie,
I have had an exciting week. Settlement went through on our house yesterday so Eric and I are offically in debt!!! We are also eager to start our extension- usual story though, at the mercy of our builder. Hope to have it done by Christmas.
See you all Friday night for the big budget pack! Luv Kate.

Anonymous said...

hi kathie,
here goes my week saturday for the first time we all got up & went to dawn service (5:30am) only to find out later that morning my grandfather passed away he was 96 & just celebrated thier 73 wedding anniversary.then monday i went to melb to see doctor just to be told they want to do another test.Ijust want these galstones out!!!!!
we have got funeral tomorrow so all depending when family leaves i hope to see you at class it will surly cheer me up
ps:hope Angela is feeling better
luv linda

Marelle said...

Hi Kathie
This week in the Jackman household has been filled with excitement, tears, laughter, cooking,
excitement = Ella going to camp this morning she was sooo excited
tears = I shed for someone's 18yo involved in a car accident leaving him paralysed from the neck down, laughter = a day wrapping 400 Mother's Day presents which equals 400 bows to tie, lots of cups of tea and lots of laughing with 2 other mothers from Christian College
Cooking = Winter slow cooked food yummmmmoooooo
Ella returns from Camp tomorrow afternoon - it will be quiet here tonight without her singing!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Bummer about the DT....but cool U got the email! AND my U baby (AKA my computer...LOL) was at the doctors getting fixed...and TONIGHT SHE IS HOME!!! YAY! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)