Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Baby kids & more rain!!

Hi lovely people,
How are you all doing today? Wow guess what?? The kids love chasing the kid!!! Gillian runs and the kids chase her!!! Yes I am talking about goat kids, here is a photo to show them to you. Kate has just bought her daughter up to say hi. She really loved them and even managed to feed one on her own!! It is Kate's daughter pictured above in the sketch challenge!!
Now I took some photos of the rain here a few minutes ago, just as dusk is falling. I am so happy to see the rain, its just fantastic.......never thought that I'd be that excited about a bit of water falling from the sky!!! Now maybe if you are still reading, you will see that this line is special! So leave me a comment on this post and tell me about something special in your life and something special may head out in the mail as happy snail mail to you!!!
Girls your gifts are coming, I have just been very unwell lately and have not had the energy to pack and post the prizes that you have won, never fear they are on the way to you soon!!
More exciting news!!! Keep an eye open for Kate's next sketch challenge.....its fantastic!!!
Enjoy your night, I'm going to play some games with my little girls as we don't have our usual meeting on here tonight!!! YAY!!!
Keep smiling, be kind to yourself and others!!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... something special.... my 4 year old son told me he loved me today and considering he didn't talk at all until about a year ago, I think that's pretty special, Tiff :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh Kathie that is just way to cute, I got a real smile out of it, adorable.

Carole xx

Anonymous said...

My new glasses that I have been hanging out for , for about 3 months are finally on their way!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should be here tomorrow, fingers crossed everyone. I will be able to see again. And only a little head ache and neck ache today, now THAT is special.
P.S. no ants in my tea.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

YAY FOR RAIN!!!!! Loveeeeeeeeeee the photos....and I hope U feel better!!!! And let's see I am happy, because a LO that needed to be put on paper was completed last that might not seem important, but it was a lo about visiting my Godson's tree at the cemetery...and I needed to do it...and it felt good after having it done! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Heddie said...

Hi Kathie,
My something special is the bond between brother and sister, no matter how each changes the need to be recognized as an individual remains the same. The care needs of one may overshadow the other but the love of your sibling remains a shining light.
Have a great rain filled day

Heddie said...

Well done on visiting your Godson's tree, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you travel on your journey.