Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Oh me oh my!!!!

Hello lovely friends.
You should have seen the beautiful storm that we have just had!!!! Lots of rain, with plenty of lightening and a bit of thunder as well!! Now I must admit I do love a good storm especially one with lots of rain!!
Baby news from Kate: No not yet!!!
The girls have gone to Calisthenics, Pete took them so I stayed home and cooked tea and cleaned up a bit. Its their last one before the holiday!! Just put computer back on as I had turned it off because of the storm!!
Well what have you girls got planned for Wednesday or hump day as most of my friends call Wednesday? I am having coffee with a friend late in the afternoon and maybe a special day with just Pete and I doing something together....Yay he has 3 weeks holidays!!
Let me know what you are doing, I love to hear whats happening.


scrappinhaven said...

Well doesnt that sound good, i wish i could pull Daniel away from work for 3 weeks holiday, and well for spending a day alone with him, just me and him...well the world woould probably have to be ending and then it would still be a struggle i think!! Any how my wednesday is going to consist of pricing stock, cleaning tables, well i think they are tables under all the stuff!!, and getting the shed ready to open for business next week! I think that should fill a day, og and i have just had guests ring from qld who are now coming for morning tea. Cath up soon!! Sharynne

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Im envy with you! wHAt a long bonding moment you have there hun.hehehe! Tomorrow might be a crafting day for me..I gotta scrap and finish a project. Plus,I still dont know what I will give to my DH on our wedding anniversary on Saturday.Hope you would have a good Wednesday sweety.TC!

Cassie's Creations said...

I am jealous, l wish l could pull a 3 week holiday with my other half...ummmmm be so good.l do get to spend time together & luv it when it happens,l think its a must.My wednesday will be taken up with working from 9_3 serving all those hungry skiing tourists.(hopefully).We are just getting that lightning & rain right now,so l best go & turn pc off.Hope you have a great day tomorrow.Talk soon

DebbieIC said...

Have a friend coming over for a cuppa and a chat, and then hopefully will get to pick up my new glasses - So I CAN SEE!!!! Just have to pick DD1 up from work around 6.30 .. so nothing really exciting at all.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOL!!! I am sitting in front of the computer instead of packing for a trip I am leaving for in 2 days!!! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):)

Heddie said...

Hi Kathie,
Unfortunately I had to work through the storm tonight- heard the odd bit of thunder and everything was wet when I came home. Tomorrow is a work day for me 8-5pm, then home cook dinner and study. Nothing too exciting here, I will definately make time to check my favourite blog :x. Have a great day together.

Trudi said...

Yes the storm was great - DD#1 kept saying she was going to try and catch the 'frightening' - perhaps under the circumstances not a good idea.

We are having a very sad time - off to a funeral today.

I'll try and catch up with you sometime next week Kathie - this week isn't going to work for me (sorry)

Talk soon

Shelley said...

This is my busiest day of the fortnight......
school drop-off, tennis, shower for work, work,parent-teacher interview, maybe 1/2 hour to see and feed the family and then a class tonight. Tired just thinking about it.....
Have a great day everyone.

Anonymous said...

I won't be downloading that, thank you for that. Loved the storm last night, wasn't big enough though. Nothing really happening here, hump day or not. I am so over the hot flushes and night sweats I can tell you. It has really stepped up a pace lately. I am not even sleeping proiperly they are that bad. Yeah I know, stop whining, happens to us all.

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