Friday, 31 July 2009


Its Friday lovely ladies!!
Time for the weekend party with family!! What are you all doing? We have Angela's birthday party for all her school friends here today, that's sure to be a blast!!! Then we have our regular scrapping night...we may have some fun tonight.....maybe some prizes!!
Anyway its Rainbow day at school today so I am putting in a photo of how our little girls went dressed for school this morning!!!

Aren't they the cutes things you have seen for a long time???




Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie The girls look great i hope they have a fantastic day at school today.have a fun time with the party & hope tom see you next week
luv linda

Sharynne said...

Aren't they gorgeous.. Hope they have a fantastic time at school with whatever activities they have planned. Have fun with the party and I'll be thinking of you all while you are scrapping tonight and I'm relaxing on retreat!! Talk soon Sharynne

Anonymous said...

Hi Kath,
ohhhhh wot cute girls.hope they had heaps of fun.
hope u have a fun night tonight scrapping that will be me next week hehe.

Danielle said...

awww, i love how the dog got in the pic too, they hate to be left out dont they? lol

Anonymous said...

Wow, bright little rainbow girls!! Hope you enjoyed your party....and have a great night Kath, wish we could join yas every week....I would have been no good last night...fell asleep in my recliner around 8 o'clock last night and woke up very confused at 3am, didn't know where I was, stumbled to bed and got up at 8am. 12 hours sleep very needed!!! See ya next week. Pauly xxx

Anonymous said...

Looks like two "kissey the Clowns" in the making there!
xox Sarah