Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Lets have a prize!! Its Hump day again!!

Hi lovely ladies!!
How are you all doing? I have 2 sick kids, an overseas friend about to arrive, a huge mess, I'm behind with the album I'm doing AND somebody has turned off the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!! (joke there) Seriously girls have you ever been so up to your eyes in it that you have lost the bigger picture? Goodness me that is how I feel at the much to do and no time to do it or just plain over-committed???? I just have so much on that its positively funny...then I'll go months with nothing to do!!! Such is life I guess!! Seems to be all or nothing at all!!!
Okay so today, for your chance to win a great prize, tell me about what makes your world turn!
What is tying you up of ages or what should be happening but isn't?
Look forward to reading your answers!!


kim said...

LOL Hump day. What is happening is that I am madly scrapping to finish off a CC before the due date, what isn't happening work rang in sick (genuine), housework, gardening all need desperately doing but just not getting there,

Marelle said...

My word for 2009 is BALANCE
so off retreating I went this last weekend to recharge the batteries and find some balance..
I have the over-committment syndrome also so have decided to sit back and start saying "NO
more often (in a nice way of course)
Let's see how long it lasts lol
Hugs to you lovely lady and sorry you have sick kiddos (I had 1 home for all of last week )

lkamphuis said...

HAHA - this !!! The bottomless pit of bloghoppin - I can lose hours at a time....HAHAHAHA_ SO Now I make myself do things first and keep an eye on the CLOCK!!! Im laughing out loud now!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

The whirlwind has hit this house this week!! And its only TUESDAY here!!! LOL!!! Had hubby running around last night helping a friend with his truck....and get gas...and get water for our house....and do a load of laundry....and IT was my son's FIRST day of school...then TODAY...I had to make a blog post for my challenge all day...make dinner....sign all the millions of papers my son brought home from the teachers....and make a LO that's due tomorrow for a DT I'm on!!!!! LOL!!! Is it FRIDAY YET?????? :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jodi said...

Okay, so my son is getting married on September 5th and I don't have my dress yet! I am freaking out! I don't have one on order and my husband owns his own business and we are waiting for money to come in so I can either find one to buy or heaven forbid...make one! Tension is riding high and mighty at my house right now!

Heddie said...

Hello there,
I really, really need to mark the last 2 assignments and then send them back to the students. I get them out, then put them away. this has to be the week to get them done and out off my concious... Of course I could always do the next great scrap challenge with papers from your blog. LOL Love to the sickies and good luck with organising the household. I am sure you will get on top of it all.
Love H

Sue said...

Hi sweetie! Well I have a heap of scrapping that I SHOULD be doing for my various comittments, but I invariably end up on my computer - talking about scrapping or looking at someone else's work...LOL My computer is definitely like a black hole...I get near it and I get sucked in, then lose all sense of time! (I won't even mention what's not happening with the housework!!!)

Anonymous said...

Well now lets see, there is my house to clean and tidy after bringing a lot of mums stuff here as mementoes, then there is mums house to clean and clear and garden and feed horses and find cats and make up my mind about. then there is a possible prob with my bro about the dog then there is the garage sale I wish to hold to help clear mums stuff then there is my daughter who has sprained her ankle during sport on Monday who has to have the rest of the week off then I have to work then I have to wake up. Don't want to wake up at the moment. Havent had a chance to do any scrapbooking at all so my sanity is in serious question right about

Vicki said...

Like Sue, my black hole is the computer!! While i'm staring at the screen, nothing else gets done!! And that happens a lot!! Also when my whirlwind DD starts playing, i am never endig cleaning up after her!! i think i should just move all her toys into the lounge room, and put the telly somewhere else, cos that is where her toys always end up!!