Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Store closure & a PRIZE!!

Trudi is closing the
& has a massive sale of 60% off everything!!!
Thats right 60% off!!!! So duck across before the shop closes at the end of this month & grab a real scrapping bargin!!

Hi girls,
Sorry to have been missing......Gillian has been extremely sick and has taken up all my time.....Haven't got the album that I'm working on even half done, there goes getting it to them by the end of this week, unfortunately. So today I'm offering, as a prize, another product pack and you will like this one, its an off the page item with papers and a few embellishments!!
See most of you on Friday night!!
Take care


jacque4u2c said...

So sorry about Gilligan. It is so hard to be a caregiver for someone as close to us. Hang in there!

Thanks for the heads up on the sale.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie
Sorry to hear that the girls have been sick, hope they are better soon. I would love to have a chance to win a prize. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday night.
Love Heddie

Marelle said...

Sweetie sorry to hear that Gillian has been ill hugs to you and her

Sharynne said...

Sorry to hear Gillian is still not well. hope is she feeling better soon. Sure would like to win another prize...been a week or so....LOL....Looking forward to Friday night. Can't wait. Sharynne

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh I sure hope Gillian feels better soon....{{{hugs}}} to her and U! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

Still sick, the poor wee love. She had better get better soon, for all your sakes. Rosemary.

LG said...

Hi kathie! Hope Gillian feels better soon. We missed you. Have a good evening

Anonymous said...

Hi Kath & Co,
Hope Gillian gets well real soon,its so draining for all of you when one is sick,they are so demanding & need you 24/7.
umm a of the page give away.wohoo how aweswome.
Looking forward to Fri night we nearly there its hump day tomorrow.Had today of work as l went & had my thermal imaging done l found that very interesting.
Anyway see you Fri

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie,
Hope you are all better real soon. Love to everyone

Vicki said...

Hi Kathie, sorry to here Gillian is still sick. Hope she is better soon!! Good luck getting that album finished. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie,
Hope Gillian is feeling better, I would love a bit more of a sneak peak from Trudi...
Luv Linda

Anonymous said...

Afternoon Kathie
I hope young gillian and yourself feeling better soon , I hope little angela doesn't get sick hope to see you soon from kazza

vicmbee said...

hope you and the girls are feeling better soon... I've just been and had a shop at Trudi's thanks for the heads up on such great bargins..

Sarah said...

Hi Kathie,
Hope little Gilli Bear is better soon. Can't wait to come up and have a chat with the girls tonight.