Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Hello blogging world!!! :) Time for a prize!

Hello beautiful ladies!!
Did you all have a great weekend? Lots of fun with family? Not to much housework we hope had to happen! Well we in this household seem to be well on the road to recovery!!!! So to celebrate we think that we need to give away a little product pack!! What do you think about that?
So leave us a comment telling us about your favourite family adventure!! We always look forward to hearing what you are up too!!
Our family adventure was heading to Warrnambool for a few days! We all love the beach, so as soon as the girls were up the first thing they said to us was.........BEACH please can we go to the beach now!!! (6.30am)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Hehehehehehehehe.....my family adventures always turn out COMPLETELY OPPOSITE of what I dream up in my HEAD!!!! LOL!!!! I always tease my hubby and his best friend...."how come I'm the most responsible woman either of U know and nothing ever goes my way????" LOL!!!! The BEACH sounds FUN! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Scossie Jane said...

Favourite family adventure.... well, during the winter we tend to hibernate, but with the summer rolling in and 3 beautiful little granddaughters, the BEACH sounds like an awesome adventure, can't wait.... xx

Anonymous said...

Time spent in our little caravan at Porepunka holds lots and lot of family memories. Balmy nights chasing mozzies.
Love H

LG said...

Hi kathie! Like you, we love the beach very much. love hte serenity and the calmness. It is our perfect adventure

Anonymous said...

My fav family holiday hasnt happened yet. We have had some good trips out for a day like Sovereign Hill and Werribee Zoo, The Melbourne zoo and the Aquarium was so very special, loved the penguins. We4 will get there, one day, if it near kills me. Ha. Where exactly there is, I do not know, but we will get there. Rosemary.

Anonymous said...

Family adventure.... Whats that??? we haven't had any family adventures as i usually take the kids away on the holidays whilst Daniel stays at home to work!! Hopefully some time soon we will get there together as a family...YES all of us!! Sharynne

Vicki said...

Hey Kathie, i LOVE Warrnambool!! :) We used to live there, and would love to go back, but we are settled here now!!

Anyway, our family adventure over the weekend was a trip to the Adelaide Show!!! DD (3yo) had never been to the show and had an absolute blast!! Lucky, cos it would have been a waste of 10hours in the car if she didn't!! :)

We don't get away very often, so it was an awesome weekend for all of us!!

Sue said...

We are a beach family too, but lucky for us, it is only a couple of hundred metres from our front door! We love to go down for walks, to watch dogs chase balls, a paddle or a play, only DD isn't too fond of sand between her toes! ;-)

Jodi said...

This isn't an every year adventure, (thank heavens), but this past weekend my oldest son got married! It was a beautiful wedding! We all had a really great time and even though I think we all are happy to have it over we are sad that it's over and no more planning and anticipation. Can't wait to get their pictures back from the photographer!