Thursday, 3 September 2009


Hi girls! Better late than never!! Here is what you get, 2 disks, scrapfx letter, ribbon, 1 pp & 2 card stock and if you get lucky I may find some flowers and/or brads to go with this pack! Now what you must do is: Use the letter that you are allocated in your title somewhere. They are all different so you will just get a random one each! Now I'm going to be really nice to you all and allow you to add pretty much whatever you like BUT you must use a part of everything supplied in the pack! Okay that's pretty much it..... there are 10 packs this month....they need to be photographed and emailed back to me by the last Friday of this month!!
Oops forgot to say that we are not able to post to overseas ladies-HOWEVER we do have a monthly sketch challenge that we encourage you all to take part in! We always have great prizes!!

Ps Please email me your addresses to the email link in the side bar!! Thanks :)


Vicki said...

Woohoo!! 1st again!! Must be the right place at the right time!! Its not that i am stalking you or anything!! LOL!! The pack looks great Kathie!! :)

Sue said...

I'm in!!! I have been desperate to have a go at one of your challenges Kathie! Pick me, pick me...pretty please???

Anonymous said...

Nice pack Kathie!! Pauly and Cass would love a go too, but we had a turn last month, so if theres not enough to go around thats okay!! Hope you feelin better Kathie. Pauly xx

Anonymous said...

MMMMMM nice..... I too would like to take up the challenge....if there is enough to go around!!Tlak soon

Sarah said...

ooooh looks like a good challenge. I'm up for it!