Saturday, 31 October 2009

An Apology, A Thank You, A Kangaroo and a Reveal

Interesting heading... especially the Kangaroo...... Hmmmmmm

Firstly an apology to the ladies who attended my class at Scraphappy Kat's last night and thank you to Kathie for stepping in for me at the very last minute. I am just so disappointed that I couldn't be there in the end. As they say circumstances completely beyond my control and definitely a case of me being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I am so counting my lucky stars this morning... I had an absolutely terrible fright last night. Was heading out up the Hume Highway for Kathie's, anyway never made it- compliments of a kangaroo which just appeared from nowhere in full flight right in front me on a road heavy with traffic due to people going away for the Melbourne Cup weekend. I had nowhere to go - B double in the right lane, kangaroo in front of me - which just seemed to be everywhere I looked and someone right up my clacker - yep of all the times to have someone tailgatting you. I'm thinking - well I won't type the 'ladette' version here, but the 'lady' version went along the lines of 'Whoopsy... this is going to be expensive'.... With no other options, hit the brakes, braced myself and we collided. Hit it fair and square in the middle of my front bumper at about 80km's, roo went up onto the bonnet and then ended up in front of me again and then it ended up underneath with me going over the top of it and it flying out the rear of my car. Luckily, No other vehicles were affected but geez there was carnage going on behind me were cars and trucks all over the place.

I've managed to pull the car up in the emergency lane and by this time I have started to go into shock and I am a blubbering mess on the side of the road. The kangaroo is in a very bad way but is still alive a few metres back from where I have pulled up. I am tooo distraught to even get out the car to assess the damage to my car. I'm only 20 minutes from home so I ring DH and he comes out to assist me - no one else has stopped

Miraculously the front of the car has come through relatively unscathed. There is some damage underneath which we will have to access today and I am going to need a wheel alignment for sure. In the end we had to call the police to come out and assist the kangaroo who was suffering in a bad way

I am feeling better this morning though I have a sore back and neck. I'm not complaining though, could've been so much worse.

I hope that you enjoyed creating the 'Precious Moments' layout. Kathie tells me that you did such a fantastic job!! I would love to see your creations - if you have a blog and pop them up, let me know so that I can see

Here is the full reveal

and another couple of close up peekies


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh trudi....i wish i was there to give u a big ole hug!!!! i am sooooooooooooooooo sorry this happened to u!!!!!!! what a scary thing to happen to u!!!!! i am glad u are okay!!!! i loveeeeeeeeeeee the lo.....absolutely gorgeous! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better poor girl what a horrible thing to happen.....hope you are doing well & your LO was awesome that we done last night even though l struggled with those beads lol....going to add a lil more to it later then will post it up on my blog....
Cheers Trudi
Cass xo

CreativeMe68 said...

OMG That must have been so awful, knowing that no matter what you were going to hit the kangaroo!!! Hope you are ok today...And OMG This LO is just absolutely AMAZING!!!! Wished I lived closer to Kathy so I could have come and done this class, you really have some talent there girl Love it lots Luv Shaz xoxo

Antonella Ryan said...

OMG How scarey good to see you are ok. Thats a beautiful Layout cant wait to get my mojo back!

Lean said...

This is Beautiful!!!!
bye bye,Lean.

lexie said...

Hope you are over the shock of hitting the roo......I have nearly finished the LO...used a bit of artistic license on mine absolutely loving doing it.....will post on my blog when its Lexie...oxo

Anthea said...

OMG Trudi - I am so glad you are OK! That must of been terrifying - and to think that no one stopped to at least see if you were OK. I hope you are feeling better today. Your LO is gorgeous and one of these days my sis and I will get down there to attend a workshop - but we will avoid those Kangas.

Jodi said...

I am truly grateful that you are alright. Living in the U.S. where I do we have deer that run across the road at night. A kangaroo seems so much larger and scarier! Glad to know you are safe!

Heddie said...

Hi Trudi,
Hope you are feeling better now, it's rather a nasty shock to hit something on the road.
Take care of yourself - we had a lovely night- but we did miss you of course and look forward to your next class :)xx
from the Euroa

chrisw said...

Glad to hear you are ok Trudi oh and your layout,,wow stunning!!