Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Prizes prizes prizes!!! An update!!

Hi girls,
Do you enjoy forums? Well if you are able to join this months fun and games at Top 50 I will be offering a bigger prize for the post below!!! What do you need to do? Just go and sign up here scrapbookingtop50 and start having fun!! Just leave me a comment in the post below to let me know that you have signed up and you will be having a bling a ling ling linging good time when your parcel arrives!!!! You will meet some fantastic girls and be in the running to win lots of fantastic prizes! Victoria runs the site and then Vicki and Sue maintain it, all three are beautiful ladies, but they are given to teasing us quite a bit!!! :) :) :)
So come join us and have some fun!!


Sharynne said...

I'm already there lovely, but only just!! Am loving looking through the site and exploring what the girls have on offer....Might even try a few challenges...Gee that would be a shock, hey!!

Heddie said...

Hello there,
We had a very early trip to Melb to drop Hayley off, then out to the paddock to put up a fence -took for ever hot but NO SNAKES !!!- we are both pooped!!! Didn't even see/hear the big race Ah well there is always next year.
I just signed up over at scrapbookingtop50. Looks like fun.
Talk soon
Love H

Vicki said...

We don't tease Kathie!! :) We just some times don't tell you everything!! :) LOL!!! BAHAHAHA!! :)

lindy said...

Hi Kathie ...just given you an award on my blog

lexie said...

Hi beautiful....you have convinced me I'm of to sign up now....oxo