Thursday, 17 December 2009

School Teachers presents!!

Well hello lovely ladies!!!
Are you all trying to guess what the giveaway is going to be??? Sorry its not posted up yet, you can blame Australia Post for that one.....well the striking ones anyway ! No problems with them striking, but did it have to be at this time of the year??????? Anyway while we were waiting for "it" to arrive, I thought that you may like to see what I have made for the girls teachers! I am really pleased with both books....I do have a few extra books (They are 8 x 8) and could probably rustle up some papers that are similar if anybody wants one.....but I guess that depends on how much you like cutting flowers out, layering and playing with stickles! I honestly had a ball doing these!! Just pray that the teachers love them too!!
Catch you all tomorrow


LG said...

those are so pretty! Lovely gifts for teachers indeed

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

GORGEOUS!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEE all the glitter! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

vixen said...

Love the gorgous books, they will make fabulous gifts.

Cutting and sticking and playing with Stickles is may fave part of crafting lol. I love stickles :) only have 2 though lol must invest in more once xmas is out of the way lol

hope your Back is feeling better xxx

Anonymous said...

what a pretty gift! :)


Anonymous said...

DEVINE! What more could you say. How could any one receiving such a beautiful, bright, happy gift not be pleased with it.
Well done Kathie you are very clever (and patient)
Katie W

Anthea said...

I think that the kids teachers will love these - how can they not? You put me to shame....I just gave them some chocolates.

Marelize said...

Gorgeous!! What more can I say? Lucky teachers! They're all going to want to teach your children next year Kathie!:)

Pamela said...

These are so pretty! I bet they will love them! :)

Sharynne said...

They are gorgeous... I'm sure the teachers will love them.
"Anyone can buy a present but a handmade gift comes from the heart" I was informed this week...

Sue said...

LOVE the books Kathie! (Lots of layering and sparkle - right up my alley!) I look forward to making teacher gifts in the future and will definitely store this idea away for future use!
Hope you are well.