Saturday, 16 January 2010

Sunshine and pools!!

Well hello form sunny (hot) Benalla,
The little girls are having a ball here and we have extended our stay by a couple of days!!! Also Sue and I are a little behind with the album having only completed 12 pages in total!!! Sue did her first 2 pages on her own last night......she did a pretty good job too!!
Yesterday we went and spent most of the day in Benalla with Anthea (Top50 friend) and her two adorable kids!! We had such a lovely day, my girls enjoyed it greatly.......Lunch was had in the Gallery resturant and was fantastic.......dessert was stunning!! It was such a pleasure to spend time with Ant and get to know her, think we chatted up a storm for most of the day together........Tori took a real shine to Gillian.......Well today its back into the album, lets see if we can knock a few more pages out quickly!!! (I'm not known for my scrapping speed :O)
I will announce the winner of the prize when I get home!!
Have a fantastic day today ladies and enjoy whatever you are doing!!!


Lean said...

You are having a great time a read.
Bye bye,Lean.

Anonymous said...

i like the new backgroud on your website... glad u had a good time away
- bec

Sue said...

Glad to hear you & the girls are having fun sweetie! LOVED the pics of you, Ant & the kids. I wish I had of been there!

Anonymous said...

Hope you and the girls have a safe trip home. Loved the photos from Friday!! Chat soon.

MandyJ x

Trudi said...

Great to hear that you are having a fantastic time. Sounds like the fresh country air is inspiring some creativity!!