Thursday, 18 March 2010

Friday's class

Here a couple of little teasers
a hand made embellishment

and just a little hand cutting

We will be doing one double and a single LO
you will need a 2 photos 1 portrait and 1 land scape
the land scape must be suitable to cut like this

sorry girls just couldn't help myself
so looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow


Kathie said...

Yahoooooooo Lexie!! I'm so looking forward to doing your LO's!! I love cutting out.....sorry girls but its my fav thing to do on LO's!!! :D
The sneaks look fantastic Lexie, can't wait for the full reveal....

Heddie said...

Wow Lexie great sneaky peaks, sorry I can't make it 'cause you know I LOVE cutting out. Have fun Love H

Marelle said...

Looks stunning !!!

Anonymous said...

What size photos?? Pauly

Anonymous said...

PS looking forward to it!!! Pauly xx

Kathie said...

5 x 7" me thinks but not sure

lexie said...

sorry girls photo size 6x4
see you tonight

Chris said...

so desperately want to come tonight.... can'rt believe I am married tt the cricket club president and they would dare to have a function on a friday night. please, please, please... it there are any packs leftover... can I bags one.