Saturday, 6 March 2010


Okay here are the challenge packs girls for this month!! Its been pretty busy here lately & just having trouble getting everything done!!! But the good news is that we have all the prizes owing from the blog giveaways posted if you don't have yours by the end of the week, please email us....Maree we're still needing your address so we can send yours!! :)
Packs consist of:
  • 2 patterned card stock

  • 1 pack of flowers

  • 1 plain card stock

  • 2 lengths of ribbon

  • 1 frame

  • 1 butterfly

    You may add alphas, paints, inks & photos but nothing else.....we think that there is enough in the pack to keep you happy this month!! As always we would ask that you use a little of each paper & embellishment!! Easy peasy.....just leave a comment to let us know that you are interested in getting a pack!!

    Here is Chris Chapmans beautiful winning entry from last month. Congratulations


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much.
This type of scrapping is the new me and I am loving it.
So I will be pleased to give the next challenge a go.
My Friday nights are jsut the best now.

Kathie said...

Good on you Chris!! We love having you here with us....thanks for joining us and being prepared to give everything a go!!! The first pack is yours!!

Pauly said...

Ooooh nice pack Kathie, would LOOOVE a go.... See ya Friday!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi There Kath...
How r you all going...l will have a pack only if theres enuff okay...put ya friday night girls & guys 1st...
sketch is gorgeous 2....lm going to give this ago..

Kathie said...

Cass your pack 2, Pauly has to wait to see if there are any left over......if not she just gets to do the sketch challenge if she is up to it :) Gee I'm hard :D lol

Anonymous said...

me me me MEEEEE!!!

Kathie said...

Okay Bec.....Your number happy to see that your number 3!!! Come rhyme with me!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathie, I would love to try this month challenge if i could.
Love Elisha

Kathie said...

Hi Elisha....You're pack 4!! Congratulations

Anthea said...

Love the LO by Chris last month....just beautiful.

Kathie said...

Hi Anthea! You have scored pack 5, the final pack for this month!!!
Thanks to all for playing along. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all create this month!!

Heddie said...

Congratulations on a beautiful LO Chris, sorry we can't make it this week (off to WA for a week's r'n'r )but look forward to catching up when We get back.

linda said...

hi kathie hope im in for a pack and not tooo late.congrats chris great lo