Thursday, 15 April 2010

Hi everybody!!
I'm is running well....I'm now running well: to lengthy to go into but I'm on the totally looking forward to what Lexie is going to teach us tomorrow night!! :D WOW seems like ages since I was on the blog last.....
I need to say a very big THANK YOU to Pauly....Pauly heard my computer had gone south (not for the winter either :O) and sent me her laptop to play with....Pauly thank you so much for your was such a lovely thing to do!! :D
Now we need to choose a winner so I can post the prizes off tomorrow for the girls that are waiting.....
..............the winner is number 4 You can thank Ida for choosing this number!!
So who is that??? Please send us your email address so we can post your prize out to you!! Have a great night girls


Pauly said...

Congrats Elisha!!! And no worries Kathie :)

Angie Bailey said...

Good to see you back hun. Congrats to Elisha as well.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend;) Mwah & Hugs ANgie xo

Trudi said...

Glad to hear that you are now running well, physically and 'technically' and am sorry to hear that things have not obviously been so well of late for you

linda said...

hi kathie, sorry to hear you havn't been well.hoping to catch you all next week.
luv linda