Friday, 7 May 2010

Challenge packs :D

okay you will ALL receive a pack this month!!! We will let Pauly play to just to be nice :D just this once!! Post out will be next Thursday for the packs and all the prizes still owing.... sorry that they haven't been posted earlier but have been snowed under a bit lately!!

So today: is it a good day for you, an average day for you or a bad day for you??? For me, today is wintery, more than a little day needs some sunshine, a place to rest too....something to spice and warm my day would be fantastic.....mmmmmmmmmm SOUP!!! (and you thought I'd gone soppy didn't you???)


Chris said...

well lucky that's on the menu!

Anonymous said...

well kathie u better make chicken soup and travel here so i can eat it!! yay i get a challenge pack!! also today is cold and iv already done all my housework and it will prob be a boring day here... although if the sun comes out i plan on taking some beautiful photos of trinity before she grows out of a suit iv got! oh and its going to be a cruddy night coz we ran out of gas for the heater :( lucky we have a lil fan forced one in the mean time

Angie Bailey said...

Hey Kathie

Thanks for the update and thanks for being so generous:)

Today is slightly cool and windy, am thinking of making a wonton soup for dinner now that you mentioned soup (yummmm). Average day for me, no kids, so Im getting plenty completed! Hope your enjoying your day everyone, take care now!

Mwah & Hugs Angie xo

Anthea said...

It's not the best day - but the fact that it Miss Ts b'day is making it much more bearable....doing lots of nice things for her makes me feel better :D

Anonymous said...

This morning was good took the clock we made to school they loved it by the way,this afternoon got rid of all the old clothes, but now i have a sick kiddy so its gunna be a looonnngggg night :(