Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Hello everybody,
Here is a competition for you all to enter
So the competition is:........ name our August retreat......
.......yep that simple.....if we can get something soonish....we may get a2zscraplets to design our very own chippie for us so that all who attend the retreat can take one home as a reminder!! Now that would be great to incorportate into a LO from our retreat.......oh yeah baby!!!
So girls/guys lets go and come up with a fantastic name for our retreat.....looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!!!
......if your attending the retreat your prize will be 1 free class during the retreat if will recieve a product/class kit to the value of $30.00, either way your on a winner!!! :D



Anthea said...

Ohhh - this will be fun. Can we enter more than once?

Kathie said...

yes you can enter more than once!! :D

Anonymous said...

did you feel that earthquake??? don't panic its only me trying to think of a name :)