Monday, 10 May 2010

Rose making tutorial (from brag bag class)

Hi girls,
I just know from the emails that I have recieved that you would all love to know how to make these little beauties!! So here is a link that shows you exactly how to make them on your own!! I should have the punches for making these in the next week, so if you would like them send me an email and I'll order some for you as well!! Meanwhile, here is the link:


Pauly said...

The exact same rose can be made from squares of paper, so much cheaper....for anyone that can't afford the punches. I'll dig up the tutorial if you like..
PS. I am hangin to make that gorgeous brag bag!

Kathie said...

please do Pauly....will help out everybody!! :D

Anonymous said...

iv done these they were so easy and they are so gorgeous!!!