Sunday, 27 June 2010

HELLO>>>>>>>>>>Where are you all today???? Are you all in hiding?? We are freezing here as the heater in the lounge room broke yesterday....bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrr its COLD!!


Nikki said...

Were here not there so not hiding but i would like too lol!
MAJOR cleaning day today!!!! YAY :(
ooooo thats no good about the heater, you need a fire lol nice and warm here!!! (just to rub it in a bit)
Enjoy your Day!!!

Anonymous said...

well we were up at 5 this morning changing our bedsheets... i had fed trinity and it was cold so just popped her in with us and suddenly while we were all asleep she just started power spewing all over me... so we stripped the bed and pulled the mattress into the lounge and turned the heater on!

Sarah said...

I was having a sleep in - went to a birthday party last night and we didn't get home until after 2am! All the kids slept in until about 9.30, so that was really nice...... come down here if you get too cold - our heater is working :)

Anthea said...

Hope you warm up aoon. A group hug might be in order. Looking forward to seeing you in the holidays!

Sharynne said...

Maybe you need to come for a visit. We are so nice and toasty here with 2 heaters on.. Hope you warm up soon!