Friday, 4 June 2010

Would you like to............ CHANGED CRITERIA

the scraphappykat team?
We need a person who can design sketches....either hand-drawn or computer generated or a mix of both.....the person would be in charge of creating, posting on the blog and judging the winner of the monthly sketches, then letting me know prior to announcing the winner on the blog!What do you need to do:
Be able to post the sketch (NO sample REQUIRED each month) JUST BE ABLE TO DO A SKETCH AND DO THE JUDGING AND be able to judge them within 2 weeks of the close date (something that I have not been able to achieve :( )
Be active on this blog and link it to yours (if you have one) or your face book page or both & put the monthly sketch up on your blog for advertising & join our blog as a follower.
Be able to do our sketches for a period of 12 (twelve) months (please email us for full conditions, we are flexible & understanding)
Have an email address for the participants to send their completed sketches to.
Have a team player mentality at all times. Be prepared to have lots of fun!!! (Consider joining us for our retreat in August!!!)
Is this you???
What will you get in return:
Each 2 (two) months we will post you out a product package.....containing papers, embellishments and little extras to make you smile!!
Be part of a tight knit team that pull together and help each other out
Do extra stuff from time to time! (if you are willing or wanting to :) )
How to apply:
Please send us 2 (two) sample sketches
A short paragraph about you!!
Please email your submission back to us by the 18th June 2010. A winner shall be announced on the 21st June!
Thank you all for taking the time to read this, hopefully we will get lots of applicants for this, I'm looking forward to seeing your work girls/guys......this is open to everybody including overseas participants!!


Anonymous said...

okay i've dont the sketches still got some time do do a better one lol, im a follower and you already know all about me lol (if you havent guessed im going to give it a go at applying)

Anonymous said...

oppps i mean i've DONE the sketches lol, my bad

SkrapPrincess said...

Thanks for the heads up on the new criteria Kathie!

All the best everyone who is applying. :)