Sunday, 20 June 2010

Yeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what a great weekend!! How was yours?? We had 2 of the grandkids to stay Saturday night!! Loved it!! Now gotta do a class for Monday....will be fun.....gee I always seem to leave it for the last moment with our Monday classes....Oh well, the lovely Tracy from my2angels has made a very special class for us to do this week....thanks so much Tracy, if you have time, maybe you could have a look in Tracy's store my2angels
she has some amazing products for purchase!!
See ya soon


Katrina said...

Oooh I love Tracy and her online store ;) Her store is where I made my first proper scrappy purchase :)

Glad you had a great weekend Kathie!!! I'm looking forward to the week so I can have a kiddie break (school) - ahh the joy of pre-teens!!!

Tanya Tahir said...

So glad you had a lovely weekend, Kathie. I did too. I hear ya about leaving things to the last minute hehe!

Anonymous said...

Just to think kath you could of had 5 grankiddys running around the house i just thought i'd be nice and have my lot stay at home lol we had a goodish weekend lots of cleaning though :( have a god week!!!!

lexie said...

Hope the class went well will have to give us a look see...I know it will be special as Tracy has awesome stuff...oxo

Anonymous said...

Bec did leave a comment on here but i must not have saved so i'll write one for her lol i imagined she would have worked on the weekend, probably boring for her lol. she may have got some scrapping done too :)
-bec (via nikki)

Anonymous said...

thanks nikki.... yeah i did leave a comment but didnt work... and yeah pretty much work work work.... thats all i pretty much do all the time

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Kathie for ringing me personally and letting me know how the class went. So glad all the ladies had fun ripping and tearing the cardboard
Best best wishes to you
Tracy MWAH