Sunday, 4 July 2010

Hi all!!
Well we have all go sick kids or are sick ourselves so we think that you all need some cheering up!! Tomorrow we are off to the zoo, that will be lots of fun for us me thinks!! The kids are extremely excited, but Miss Angela is not very well so we will see what the new day brings!!
Now how about something lovely to warm your heart???? Maybe a nice flower pack or maybe some inks or something different maybe??? Well to be in the running for something nice, just leave a comment here telling us what you are going to do in the second week of the school holidays or if you don't have kids on holidays-just tell us what your up to this week!!


Colleen B. said...

Enjoy the zoo.......I have to work :( So took the kids to the movies today, enjoy the last week of the holidays everyone!!

Sharynne said...

We are off to the movies, indoor playground, visiting friends, Melbourne at some stage to Aquarium, and hopefully at some stage a trip to seymour..... Oh and 2 days of work in there as well!

Katrina said...

I hope you all and especially Angela picks up so the zoo is a great day for you all :)

This is the first week of holidays for us. We're doing a little work around the house with an inspection due this Thursday - which incidentally is the day that mum and dad leave to go back to Tassie :( So mostly maximising time with them and then trying to appear organised for the real estate ;) LOL Friday will be a big "phew" day for us - well me mostly LOL

Then onto more monthly scrapping challenges!! **yay**

Sarah said...

Hi Kathie,

I'm planning on taking the kids to the Victoria Market on Friday - Dylan was showing me all these different 'unusual' fruits on the internet today, so i thought, why not take him to the market and show him them in real life - maybe we might come home with a custard apple or dragon-fruit!

We might take a trip to the movies to see Toy Story or Shrek!


Nikki said...

ummmm i think i used up all my babysitting cards this week with the grandparents lol, so this week the kids might have some friends stay for a sleep over, if they can smooch up to daddy we might take them to the movies to see shrek, and then just the normal daily routines here hahahahaha!!!!
Enjoy your week everyone

Anonymous said...

well 2moro we are off to the toy sales to put all 1st bday pressies n xmas for trinity on laybuy!
then just work all week... o oo and paintballing on saturday!!

Heddie said...

Hope Angela is feeling bright and sparky tomorrow for the zoo.
I only have Tuesday off with my little grandson - we plan to make puppets and put on a puppet show for his mum (when she gets home from work). We might even con the rest of the family into parts.hehe!! I am really looking forward to having him for the day.
Have a great day tomorrow whatever the day brings. Love H

Sarah Lou said...

The second week is the go to week here. We are hitting up the museum, the movies and the markets.

Judith said...

Hope Angela is feeling better. DD and I are off to the zoo too. DD is doing a school holiday program there from 8.30 - 3.30. I'm spending the day looking round the zoo. So might see you there!

Julene Matthews said...

We are off to see Disney on ice next week for a big treat.The kids are so excited!!! Hope your Angela gets better soon.Is it any wonder with this cold weather?

Chris said...

Work, Work, Work, day off... Yeah!
On Friday I am taking photos of a beautiful Debutant.

lexie said...

the girls are talking about going to the movie's and having more sleep overs looks like I will be a taxi service and ATM
Hope Miss Angela is feeling better and your trip to the zoo is wonderful.....oxo