Sunday, 25 July 2010


Its been such a warm (out of the wind) sunny day and the girls have been told to play outside...I'm about to start on Monday's classes....oh dear one has broken something of the others and the are words.....okay sticky tape fixed it!! Now they are off playing nice again...the garden smells divine and everything is green and thriving, well apart from the frost affected plants that is....
Now lets see what we can do here to brighten up your day!! How about a little pack with some ribbon, ink and maybe a punch to delight your day???? Okay have fun with your family and enjoy the time you have, life is just far to short and its not a dress rehersal, you only get one chance at this so make it count.....
Kat & the DT Kittens


Katrina said...

Ooooh is that a hint at another giveaway Kathie????

It was beautiful here in the Mount as well today - we had a BBQ at the Lakes park with Vicki and Charm and our kids (and husbands as the case may be LOL) Such a goooorgeous day - It's hard to believe it's still technically winter!!!

Oh and we've been labelled "Funny Freaks" by someone who shall remain nameless (*cough* Vicki *cough*) LOL Apparently us Tasmanians are nuts to be out in the gorgeous sunshine in t-shirts and shorts ROFL

Becci Sundberg said...

Absolutely gorgeous day here too Kathie!
Washing dry and yet more out ont he line.
Finally got to open the house right up for a good old airing, not much of that happening this time of year.
Kids have been playing out on the swings and having a yummy arvo tea of lol lols (curtesy for Grandma who dropped over) and home made milo fruit cake.
my nearly 2 yo only took 30 minutes to go to sleep, compared to 2.5 hours yesterday.
Brian dusted!
Just a wonderful day all round here.
Hopefully will get to finish it off with some scrapping and/or hooking tonight!
Hope everyones had a great day too
(ps sorry for my essay)

Nikki said...

Well i only just remembered i was ment to be somewhere today Whooppppps sorry kath!!!! But it was a very efficiant day got 99% of the lawn mowed then ran out of fuel :( got the whole backyard cleaned not to mention the house finally got spotless this avo hopefully it can stay that way for the rest of the day, such a lovely spring clean day (in winter) lol. Hope everyone had a nice sunny day!!!!

Pauly said...

What a lazy day!!! Been scrapping (a whole one page!) and just vegging around.....bit of a waste of the lovely sunshine but Rob was too sore to jump on the Harley, so I stayed home and kept him company.. I don't mind a rest either!!

Pauly said...

PS Kathie, I owe you for A Pritt!!! Didn't mean to steal it!! Also forgot the letters for Cassies pack...derr. I thought I'd grabbed everything this time!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathie,
Well we were up with the Chickens or "Cockrels" 14 in total- off to the chook sale in Euroa. You just can not imagine how good the BBQ breakfast smelt as we drove past early this morning at the show ground.
Home for the usual washing, cleaning, a quick finish off of Lexie's LO from last week. Will show you next time I get to Seymour. Then hit the shower ready for afternoon shift. Just home now and its 2 deg... Better go nearly time to get up again LOL.Love H

Anonymous said...

well i went to see mum and dad today and it was nice and bright n sunny... smell as beautiful as it looked coz they just mowed their laws and a neighbour got a delivery of hay that i could also smell. *big sniff* seeya 2moro kathie!!

Vicki said...

Well, as Treens said, we had a glorious day here yesty (and today) and we went for a play at the lakes playground!! The kids all get on so well together, but those funny freaky Taswegians have no feeling for the cold!! lol!! They were all in shorts and t-shirts!! Lmao!! :)

Chris said...

Our day was wonderul. Watched Briana excell in netball contibuting 23 goals to the team's win. Then went to my virtual's daughters communion ... and she looked adorable. What a great night sociallising with my best friend and her family. Need to do this more often!

Katrina said...

LOL lucky we loves ya Vicki hahaha