Friday, 9 July 2010

oops!! Spot the difference

Oh I must have been half asleep today.....I posted the wrong LO up!! Now this one is not great but can you spot the differences????
I will be back tomorrow to post a good picture up of the actual LO when it was finished, think I must have been in la la land!!! :0


Lean said...

Its a beautiful lay-out love the colours and al the flowers.

Anonymous said...

u missed the punched paper at the top and bottom of the floral paper!! :) looks beautiful!!

lexie said...

tooo easy!!!!!Dilly Duffer... the first one you put up didn't have the punched lace on it
thanx for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog.....oxo

Sharynne said...

Yes, now that i look at the 2 layouts im suppose to be comparing...and not the 2 finished products...der!! it's early..... well thats my excuse!! You forgot the punched paper.... Very clear when you compare the 1st and reveal and the final reveal!! Still goregeous whichever you look at!