Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Well girls nearly all the details for our 27th-29th 2010 August retreat have been worked out:
Cost: for those staying is going to be $120.00 for bed and food
Cost: each class will be capped at $30.00
Cost: for girls visiting on single days; (Friday $15 if having tea and supper with us $5 if not: class is extra,
Saturday $30: covers food: classes are extra,
Sunday $20: class & crop are extra……………
You will need to arrive at the Melbourne airport, for those flying in by no later than 2.30pm or arrive at the address, TBA as its a secret, given by 4.00pm. This is important as we need this time to choose beds etc and generally organize your things to make our weekend run more smoothly!!
Class schedule is as follows:
Friday night:
Arrival 4.00, meet & greet afternoon tea, 6.30 Tea, 8.00pm class, Guest teacher from interstate supper @ 10ish,
Breakfast, first class 10-12.30am, 1.30-2.30pm lunch, 2.45-6.00pm second class includes 1/2hour for afternoon tea, , 6.30pm tea, 7.30/8.00pm O.T.P. class, Optional as you may choose to crop instead.
You may buy the kits to take home if you like, just so long as you have booked the class. Late supper,
Breakfast, Class 10.30am to 12.00. 12.30-1.30pm lunch, then crop until you leave to go home; either finish off any of the class lessons or do your own thing...If you are interested, (and I can assure you this is going to be a whole lot of fun), email me at andriessen@dodo.com.au for payment details or any thing else you need to know....
So please hurry and book in......classes will be announced soon and we will get samples posted on the blog by the middle of next month (July) so that you can decide if you want to do all the classes or not!
Payment for those staying in will need to be finalized by mid July....banking details will be emailed to you. Classes can be paid for prior to attending retreat at time of booking. You will need to book all classes prior to attending the retreat as class packs will be made up on an "as booked basis....
What do YOU get:
Class costs includes all tape and glues used, there will be some paper trimmers available for you to use....all paints and glitzs will be supplied (some for sale as well) Your booking fee of $120 entitles you to all meals & tea or coffee and a bed with sheets and towels are provided...I do realise that some ladies will need to stay until Monday, that is fine I will gladly take you to the airport on Monday instead of Sunday afternoon/night.....


Anthea said...

Well you know I am coming! Looking forward to it. BTW - because I am the first poster, do I get first choice of bed? Hehehehe! Look forward to meeting everyone there!

Nikki said...

hey kath, i think i'll be able to pop around that weekend dont know when though lol but i'll be there for at least 1 class

Katrina said...

can't wait!!! Hubby has time off approved now so full steam ahead!!!

Anonymous said...

sound like a fun and creative weekend - wish i was going ;)

Kathie said...

hahahahahahaa Tracy!!!