Monday, 23 August 2010

House move!!

Well its on today girls.....hopefully by tomorrow I'll have some photos for you!! Then we will be offline until the following week.....but check in each day as you never know what may happen here in our little corner of the world!!
Love to you all


Jane said...

Good luck with it all Kathie - bet you will be really glad when it is all over and you can relax in your new surroundings. Lots of deep breathing required today me thinks!

Athenie said...

Hope the move goes well - nothing lost or broken and all the family happy tonight

Heddie said...

Happy moving Day - I agree with Jane lots of deep breathing will help,please be careful of your back. xx

lexie said...

Hope everything went is going well with the move...will talk real soon that is if I can catch you....oxo

Anthea said...

Thinking of you...hope it goes well.