Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Did you realise ......

Hi all..... me again

Did you realise that today's date is 08/09/10 ?

What a cool date.

My daughters birthday is 04/05/06 and my son was supposed to be born on 02/02/02, but he decided to come a bit early and mucked that up!

Does anyone else have a birthday with a cool date?




Lisa K said...

My neice is 9th of the 9th 1999!!

Anonymous said...

TOMOROW!!! Is my daughters bday she was born last year!!! 09.09.09!!!!!

Sarah said...


Happy birthday to Trinity

Jane said...

My son is 09/09/1989 - the really cool thing in this is that he was born exactly 100 years after his Great Grandmother.

Both my parents were born on a Friday the 13th - different years and different months - and yep they didn't have easy lives so there may be something in the unlucky theory.

Sarah said...

My youngest daughter, Matilda, was born on Friday 13th as well!

Kathie said...

hmmmmm I have lived a blessed life as any of the girls that know me personally will tell you....I was born on Friday the 13-10-19....... hahahahaha not telling, outside the Richmond Football ground in Punt rd Melbourne...always been in a bit of a hurry :D AND yes I do support the Tigers!! See you soon

Tanya Tahir said...

born on Punt Road hey Kathie? What an entrance into the world my friend!! My Jai was born 6/6/06 - how's that for a fun birth date? ;)