Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tomorrow brings????

lots for us! We are going to the movies again..this time we are seeing The Guardians, we saw the shorts for it a very long time ago now and it has us intrigued, very intrigued indeed!! It will have to be very exceptional to top the movie we saw last week, Despicable Me!! What a hoot it was and honestly we thought we had been in the movie theater for 5 minutes when it was that good!!
So what have you been up to??? Have you seen any good movies? Have you had fun (if you have kids home) during the holidays? What was the highlight of the holidays for you and your family??? Or during the last 2 weeks (if you don't have school kids) what did you do that rocked your world or someone elses world???
Keep those entries rolling in everybody....we have 2 entries now :D , how many more can we score??? Don't forget the Friday challenge is back with a really cool prize this week this space for some good clean fun....


Becci Sundberg said...

Not a great deal going on therse holidays. Randalls away for the first week anyways, back on sunday. But we are goingon a holiday the first two weeks back at school, so we're all geared up for that.
The most exciting thing that has happened is a new online scrappy store has asked to stock my crocheted items!

lexie said...

Morning Beautiful enjoy the movies..My girls are still in Frankston Chris gets home from a work trip today so for me housework and work...oxo

Athenie said...

We have been all over the place these holidays with footy and netball camps, a couple of grand final parties!!!!, a pajama day in front of the TV, a teeny tiny bit of scrapping planned for tomorrow. Now for the sob story - We went to Despicable Me and only saw 2/3 of it as the power to the area went out!!!! We did get some free tickets BUT we didn't see the END!!!!

Heddie said...

Trying to catch up with all the jobs- sometimes I wish I had a clone then we could share the work load and get everything done on time. My beautiful car is in dry dock - problems with a valve (like I know what that is) lol.. $$$$$$$$$.
Painting at Kara's new house is still a priority , new carpet in 2 weeks so have to have it all done. Keep on pushing - hope to get a crack at this week's challenge sketch Friday night been ages since I had some scrapping time. Love to everyone.

Nikki said...

Kid's have had other kiddies around a few times this week to play, were off to kids town tomorrow for kids fest, hoping it'll be a good day for it then school back on monday looking forward to the blissful peace lol