Wednesday, 20 October 2010


How beautiful has this day been??? Sunshine, birds singing, the drone of bees in the wisteria and me having to clean....well that bit wasn't so great....but the rest is fab!! Just love these warm (not to hot) spring days....not to hot to work in, just about the perfect day really!! To good to be inside, we'll be blessed if Saturday is as nice!!
So what did you beautiful sunny people get up to today? Lots? or a little? or maybe nothing? or dreary old work, which has to be done I know but on days like today its sure hard to keep your mind on the job at hand!!


Katrina said...

Housework - bleurgh... Rental inspection tomorrow so time to spit and polish and wipe away all traces of 4 messy brats that live here as well.... tomorrow night I'll either be sleeping or scrapping!

Heddie said...

Work, work and more work,-just home now..getting dinner ready and it's 7:30pm sun for me today inside all day..Hope everyone else had some time out in the sunshine

Nikki said...

umm... mowing lawns and cleaning here :-) not my fav jobs but it has to be done!!!

Anonymous said...

Had a lovely afternoon actually sitting in the sunshine drinking coffee with a friend... And yes before you say it... No it wasn't you again.. But will be very soon!

Love the warm sunshine and days like today...No housework here though...Enjoy my time outside in sunshine too much!

Pauly said...

Yep, it was all work for me too. Way too nice a day to be trapped inside but as you say...we gotta do it!!!!

Athenie said...

Played 18holes for a fundraising golf function yesterday so spent alot of time nursing my sore knees today. I looked out the window at the beautiful day. Two in a row - you could nearly think winter was done!