Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Well....what weird weather!!

Is it hot, is it cold, is it something inbetween??? Does the weather even know what its doing??? Don't think so.....but it is okay for drying the clothes so that is good!! So what are you all up to today??? I'm about to start my first project for the new DT team that I have been placed on....will show a couple of sneaks soon!! So exciting, looking forward to seeing how this turns out!! Back soon!!


lizzyc said...

yes the weather is a bit unpredictable no matter what the weather bureau says.. i have the washing out today and it should be dry by now... just have a few more blogs to visit before i will tear myself off and get them in!! haha! (an hour later more likely!!)enjoy your day!

Cinner said...

Dear friend, I will trade you,,,we have snow, possibly it may stay. weather has been nothing but crazy. I always love to see what you have been up to, take care, big hugs from Canada.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful weather!!!!!

Not much happening here!!!


Athenie said...

A beautiful day down here in the end! I really need to get my challenges done - it is nearly the end of the month!!!!

Becci Sundberg said...

Was gorgeous here this morning. Layed down fro a very rare nanna nap and it rained! yep my fault I did the washing.
I hoped to get soem more of my scrap room cleaned up (having a change around because mums bought me a 12 cube bookcase for my birthday!) but only got in 10 minutes before Eli woke.
Have done all the scrapping I am going to do for this month (yours is done just need a decent pic).
Roll on the weekend with my lss Halloween sale, my birthday and then the start of a new montha nd new challenges

Anonymous said...

new DT team???

Heddie said...

Looking forward to the sneak peaks, I am sure you will be fantastic.
Love Hxx

Tanya Tahir said...

our weather is the same - hot one day, cool the next. So what's the new DT possie??

Marelize said...

Hi Kathie. We had 33 degrees yesterday and 21 today. Crazy weather. Can't wait to see what you're creating. :)