Saturday, 2 October 2010

What happened today????

Well today I wanted to play in here but ended up using my new toy and doing this all day!!
Now tell me was your day so rivetingly exciting that you just want to do it all again tomorrow??? I must admit though after not having a washing machine for a few weeks, it was a nice feeling to be able to walk into the laundry (tiny isn't it? Yes that is all of it!) and do some washing!! The Laundromat is okay for emergencies but I don't really want to have to go there a couple of times a week to do washing!! Seems like a jolly big waste of time to me!! Not that I would complain as we were very grateful to have clean clothes!!
So after church tomorrow I guess I'll get to play in my messy scrap room and hopefully tidy it up before Lexie's lesson next week!!! Everything takes time you know and you just can't rush it!!n


Nikki said...

washing, dishes, more washing, more dishes, cleaning rooms, gardening, more washing, more cleaning, driving kids around, a scrap LO, more cleaning, now RELAXING!!!!!
(and no i dont want to repeat this everyday)

Katrina said...

Today is my littlest man's birthday so I'll be finishing his cake, making salads, hamburgers and party bags and heading to the park for a BBQ tea :)

Oh and taking LOTS of photo's ;)

princessbeccie said...

yesterday was a big full day of work... n today is cleaning n playing with trinity then work again........ an kathy u should use our lauromat... it has a big as TV in there!!! with stools n a bench to chill at!!!

lexie said...

Snap....I did this as well as house work.... wanted to play with my my scrap stash and get started on some challenges..but I was a good girl and did what I had too