Thursday, 18 November 2010

All I can say is...Thank God for friends....

Yep thanks Rosemary.....I'm now driving a nice blue Kia!! Such a nice thing to do for somebody...I was a little stressed at the thought of Angela riding to school on her own, not many people actually go past on their way to drop the kids so it was out of the way for somebody to pick her up....I'm sure that it wasn't an issue but having a car makes it a little bit easier for us!!
So thanks again Rosemary..Truly appreciate it heaps...what a blessing


lexie said...

Just read you post about your poor little's good to have friends that help out when you are in a bit of bother and help make things a little easier...oxo

Katrina said...

I didn't get my license until Kahli was just about due, i must have been around 23/24 yrs, 2 kids and relied on everyone else - now I've no idea how I put up with it!! I need my freedom!!! So glad someone was able to come to your rescue!