Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Look what happens when you have a sleep!!!

the culprit!!

There are some days that you have to wonder......well I'm wondering how a "I'll just get it unblocked job" has become a mammoth effort to get it unblocked, pull out a big tree, fix the pipes we have just broken pulling out said tree and hey where is tea??? Oh My Goodness, they are still at it now...thanks Steve for helping out....he did lots of the digging....thanks Nikki for lending him to us for the night so we could get a "5 minute" job done in a record more than 3 hours!! The pipes were totally blocked by tree roots from the big tree at the bungalow so what was mean't to be a short job has turned into an epic adventure of "tracking the pipes and beyond"


Nikki said...

well i didn't really have a choice in 'lending' him to you hahahahahaha but its ok anyway lol :)

lexie said...

Well lets hope that after the "5 minute" unblocking the pipes job it's fixed for good!!!