Wednesday, 24 November 2010


.......heat is just soooooooo unbearable.....its still and oppressive.....I just went out to hang clothes on the line....looks a lot like it will rain....saves watering the gardens..
What are you lovely people up to today? Much? Nothing? A lot? A little?


Pauly said...

Bring winter back!! I can't stand the heat!! Off to work...then watch the grandkids while Shaz goes to the doctors and work again after lunch...bring on the weekend I say!!

lexie said...

I'm loving the warmer weather it's not that hot girls wait until it gets in the high 30' the washing started need to get that on the line before I go to work (got a group of 20 kids in this morning) there are showers forecast for later today then rain and possible thunderstorms for the next couple of days House work and maybe a bit of scrapping when I get home...oxo

Becci Sundberg said...

Yep hating the heat here too. Where did Spring go? :(
Not a great deal on here today.
Shopping tomorrow so need to clean out the fridge, menu plan and write a shopping list.
If it cools down later (meant to only be 26 with rain here) then I'll sit outside under the carport and sand all my pieces for the asvent calendar. Or I'll at least cover all the boxes.
Have some DAS buttons to make too, better get them done first so they can dry.
Dinners easy, leftover BBQ and salad.
Anyways have a great day!

Nikki said...

weirldy enough i hvae a cold atm... so trying to avoid anything and everything

Heddie said...

Hanging washing our at 1am.... you should be in bed catching some zzzzz's. We had a lovely cool breeze- had to pull up the doona better come and live on the hill :) xxxx