Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Ok today we are off to the wholesalers to get some MORE if we don't have enough :O oh well bit more will be good!! Got a pretty big load on for the next 3 weeks so got to make sure we have enough stuff to carry it.....wonder where Sarah is with the new sketch & the winner???? Leave her some love here and maybe she will get it up quick for us ;) maybe tell us where to go as well!!


lexie said...

Have fun today at the wholesalers....hugs and love to Sarah and you....hope you are having a better day than me...oxo

Anthea said...

Ooooh - the wholesalers!!!! That would be soooooooo much fun! Have a good one - I am off to work!xoxox

Melissa Hortin said...

Have fun getting more product at the wholesalers. How exciting!! Have a fab day Kathie. xxx

Pauly said...

Woohoo, sounds like fun!!

Katrina said...

I'm with Ant - wholesalers visit sounds like a whole heap of fun (especially when one has an addiction to stationery like myself LOL)

Hope to see Sarah with some sketchy LO's soon :) I'm hopefully getting faster with my scrapping and more organised **cough cough** so can get the sketch done this month all going well :)