Saturday, 20 November 2010

What a great night!!

WOW....we had 9 lovely ladies show up last night to do our advent calendar class (continues next Friday night if you would like to join us...we have plenty of packs left)....was great hanging out with the girls doing girlie stuff, giggling, enjoying their company...we all enjoyed ourselves! Will post up the pink advent calendar that I'm doing as a gift later when its finished. Apart from running out of white paint~just who does that? There were 3 in the cupboard last time I looked...well guess what~we only had one last night...ggggrrrrrrrr maybe my little girls can shed some light on where the others disappeared to?????

We only have another one class scheduled for this year....that would be the lovely Lexie teaching on the 3rd of December.... our last night will be on the 17th of December and we may just surprise you with a special challenge night....just to be different!!

I'm eagerly awaiting Pete and Gillian's arrival home from Marybourgh this afternoon, although Gillian is sick so probably won't feel much like chatting about her experiences when she gets home, that is an unfortunate end to her time away....

So how are you all going with Lexie's sketch from last night??? Did you like it? Are you having fun with it??? Have a go the prizes are always worth the effort!!

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lexie said...

Had a fab time last night Kathie looking forward to doing the class on the 3rd....if Gilly had half as good a time as our Anna did she would have had a blast....hope she is feeling better real soon...oxo