Wednesday, 22 December 2010

and tonight...................

................we had a dinner party for 15!! We hosted the party, I cooked......really enjoyed it as did the lovely people who attended....been so many years since I have actually looked forward to and enjoyed cooking for a crowd!!
What are you guys doing as we head into the serious countdown for Christmas? I'm off shopping tomorrow......yep I can hear you all groaning from here :D but had to wait til Pete got paid!!!!! So its off to Melbourne I go tomorrow.....want to come with me????? Anybody????? Nope, okay that is fine I'll go on my own....... :D
Let us know what your up to hear from you all


Heddie said...

Hello there
Sorry I can't come with you - on night duty tonight so will be sleepy sleepy tomorrow. Have fun shopping.
Love to everyone

Anonymous said...

I'll come with you, but come over here first :D

Love you xxxxx


Kathie said...

Love you to Miimi!!

Anonymous said...

hi Kathie, have fun xmas shopping i've done all mine just got to start getting the food ready
luv linda

p.s.have a wonderful xmas day with your beautiful family.

lizzyc said...

Hi Kathie.. i wish you every available parking space as you need it tomorrow!!haha!! i went shopping today.. got my hair cut.. feel so much better too.. did some shopping.. hope to just stay at home tomorrow and get some cooking done... so take care everyone.. and have a lovely Christmas..xx